Wrapping up The Year with Stateside

Stateside menu

TMA'ed while listening to Renaissance by Steve James ft Clairity

Mari: It's only right that we wrap up the year by reviewing Seattle Met's restaurant of the year, Stateside. It's a French-Vietnamese restaurant in Capitol Hill that serves everything from banh mi to pho. They also have a "secret" menu that includes things like Vietnamese Coffee and Thai Iced Tea creamscicles.  

Temi: The restaurant has a breezy feel. We stopped by for brunch and were transported into an oasis of blues and Palm trees. The menu made me drool, and looking around didn’t help either. Everyone's food looked colorful and delicious, but we decided to start with some avocado toast to share.   

Avocado toast with a soft-boiled egg

Mari: There is really no way to mess up avocado toast. I liked it, however, I do think fried eggs with runny yolks would've made it more enjoyable. Boiled eggs are just boring. It took us about a minute to devour the toast, but we had to wait another 15 minutes or so for my Saigon French Toast and Temi's Laksa (a Malaysian curry noodle soup).  

Temi: I'm a huge fan of noodles in broth, but what struck me about this curry was the vibrancy of the soup. It caught my eye from across the room and I just had to have it. The noodles were al dente and the Laksa curry was filled with proteins like fish cake, quail egg, and tofu puffs. Although unfamiliar, the proteins were flavorful and really complemented the noodles. The Laksa was pretty large, it is definitely meant for sharing.  

Laksa curry and pork belly

Mari: If there is french toast on the menu, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will order it for brunch. Add caramelized bananas as the toppings and there is no doubt. The combination of the batter-soaked brioche and bananas were so sweet there was no need for syrup. 

Brioche french toast with vanilla cream and almonds

Temi: We couldn’t leave without trying one of the creamscicles, but I was stuffed. I convinced Mari to try the Vietnamese Coffee creamscicle.  

Mari: She didn’t have to do much convincing, I can't say no to anything related to ice cream. The creamscicle was frozen in nitrogen and when it arrived you could still see the nitrogen vapor dancing off the sides. There is no proper way to really eat it in public, but I think they hoped I would try with the spoon, knife and plate they brought me. The coffee surrounding the cream was bitter and not as sweet as Thai Iced Coffee. I had to let the creamscicle melt a bit in order to avoid a brain freeze. I have to go back and have the other flavor asap.  

Vietnamese Coffee creamscicle

Temi: I will definitely be trying a creamscicle next time I'm at Stateside.  

In Summary  

Stateside is an escape to a tropical oasis from the evergreen trees and gray skies. We only had a chance to experience the brunch everything we ordered was a winner. Even if your stomach is full and satisfied, the creamscicles are worth the food coma. Lastly, take a break from the grey outside and enjoy a meal in a tropical oasis. We will undoubtedly be back to try their other fares. 

Ambience: Breezy Teal Oasis 

Wait time: 10-15 mins 

Food: French-Vietnamese Fusion 

Would we go back?  Undoubtedly 

Halal Friendly? Yep   

TMA Moment

Trying to cut a creamsicle with a knife. 

Vietnamese coffee creamscicle

How was your 2015? Any regrets? Any restaurants you wished you'd eaten at that are gone now?