Woodblock's Grand Opening

TMA'ed while listening to Colours by Wilde

Mari: If you've been following our TMA Monday posts, you probably noticed we've mentioned Woodblock a few times.

Temi: It all started when I was visiting a friend in downtown Redmond and noticed a coming soon sign in one of the spaces below her building. The rest as they say is history.

Mari: Our TMA Monday post led from one thing to another and long story short we were invited by the restaurant's PR to attend their Grand opening. Of course we said yes in a heartbeat.

Temi: We didn’t know what to expect going into the event. AT the very least, we expected food and some light mingling. On arrival, there were a ton of folks waiting for the ribbon cutting. Everyone seemed to know each other, but we felt comfortable when we saw other folks with cameras hanging around their necks.

Mari: I have never seen a ribbon cutting ceremony before, and it was pretty cool to be part of such a big milestone. When I captured the scene below, I couldn't help cheesin' behind the camera from the elation I was witnessing through my lens.

Temi: There was a quick speech, the ribbon was cut and boom everyone went for the food. They had tastings of 4 items from their current menu. Specifically, fried chicken wings, calamari, roasted carrots and a curried cauliflower dish.

Mari: I loved the fried chicken, especially the thai chilli/honey glaze that accompanied it. I also thought it was genius to serve the calamari with hummus. The caramelized carrots reminded me of the ones we loved at Westward, but the house-made ricotta didn't really seem to add anything extra to the carrots.

Temi: After stuffing our faces, we had a quick chat with Carolyn Scott, part owner of Woodblock. Mari mentioned how it seemed like the staff were all part of one big family. Carolyn explained that the restaurant was about community and making it feel like people were just coming over to her house for a meal. One way she accomplished that was to literally bring artwork and pieces from her own house to the restaurant.

Mari: Carolyn and Tony Scott also collect woodblocks. The Woodblocks that they collect are the inspiration behind the restaurant name and menu. To create prints using woodblocks there is a precise way to layer the different carved wood to fill the negative space. That same concept was applied when creating their menu. They wanted to layer flavors and food in a way that hit all your taste buds.

Temi: With this layering in mind, they also wanted an environment that promoted sharing. Hence the abundance of small plates. They plan to update their menu seasonally or just because with new items or add new twists to old items every so often.

In Summary

There was lots of merriment and a big sense of community at Woodblock's opening. The owners are lovely and really awesome to talk to and we plan on hitting up their happy hour sometime soon (for our own personal pleasure).  If you live or work in the downtown Redmond area, you should stop by Woodblock and check it out for yourself. All-in-all, it was our first official attendance at a grand opening and we had a blast.