Uneeda Burger... or two

Uneeda Burger Menu

TMA'ed while listening to  "What do you mean?" by Justin Bieber

Mari: We arrived at Uneeda Burger with different levels of hunger. Unlike Temi who hadn't eaten all day, I'd just eaten two hours ago. This made little difference once we arrived and I got a whiff of what could only be delicious burgers and fries.

Temi: What I liked about Uneeda Burger was that there was no time wasted. No random let's sit at the table and pretend like we have something to talk about, when all we want is food. You go in, get in a line, order,  pay and your food is out in like 5 minutes. 

Mari: More like 2 mins for me. I got the Crispy Emmer Veggie burger with hand cut fries and a blackberry lemonade. Their meat isn't Halal, but they definitely make up for it with their veggie option. I'd previously read a review that claimed this place had the best veggie burger in all of Seattle, and boy did they live up to it. Temi didn't take too long to order. Once she saw the Fire Cracker had Habanero Mayo, she was sold!

The Firecracker and the Crispy Emmer Veggie Burger

Temi: I approach food the way it's supposed to be eaten. Sides first, save the best for last. However, the sweet potato fries held their own to my burger. For one, they were actually crispy. Second, they were sprinkled with paprika; not a lot to overwhelm, but it certainly made my mouth happy. Third, the sweet potato fries came with this special sauce which we were told had sour cream, paprika, garlic sauce and some other goodness. Either way, it was awesome. The combination of crispy, sweet and sour had my taste buds feeling some type of way.

Mari: Speaking of special sauces, my burger had a sauce that kept me saying "damn that's good" with every bite. It also kept us guessing throughout our meal. Temi's first assumption was that it had to have some avocado, but I thought it wasn't pasty enough. I'm proud to say my taste buds proved me right when I said it had cilantro in it. We confirmed with a waitress on our way out. Back to my damn good burger. I'm usually not a fan of mushrooms, but the Portobello ones on this burger were sautéed to perfection and complimented the taste of the special sauce and veggie patty really well. Let's just say, I'm officially a fan of fungi's now.

The Firecracker

The Firecracker

Crispy Emmer Veggie Burger

Crispy Emmer Veggie Burger

Temi:  My burger had a patty infused with chilies, jack cheese, Anaheim peppers, AND Habanero mayo. First bite and…

Mari: All I hear is laughter. Temi, what did you even mean?

Temi: Words could not express… I never really associate burgers with spiciness, but this burger had me sniffling. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a good sign.  I have two rules when eating spicy food:

  1. Once you take a bite, don't stop, STAY FOCUSED, stopping makes you think of the heat
  2. Don't let your lips touch the fork or touch at all

I stayed focused and had no regrets. The patty was juicy and the burger was packed with flavor and spice. The Arugula added the right amount of crunch. The bread was lightly fried so the middle was fluffly and the edges were slightly crisp. Sigh…

In Summary

Despite the monsoon like weather outside, we were dry and eating one of the best burgers we've had since we moved to Seattle two years ago. Mari was able to enjoy a delicious veggie burger, which was more than just a veggie option on a menu full of beef, and Temi was able to experience spiciness in a whole new way. You don’t need Aladdin to show you a whole new world, UNEEDA BURGER

Ambience: Laid back

Wait time: Quick

Food: Juicy

Would we go back? Most definitely 

Halal Friendly? Only one option, but its the best veggie burger in Seattle

TMA Moment

Mari struggling with her burger. Blame it on the lettuce.

table manners aside