fried rice, pork belly, ssam

TMA' ed while listening to Let's Go by Khalid

Mari: Trove's parfait window has been calling my name since the first day I walked passed it. I figured why stop by only for the parfait. So I called to make a reservation for 5pm and said yes to sitting in the BBQ area so Temi could try the meat.

Temi: We were the only ones in the barbeque area. We thought we could order the noodles as well as the barbeque, but that is not the case. The noodles are only for the noodle bar take out area. If we wanted noodles, we would have to move to the front of the restaurant. Interesting concept

Mari: I knew going in the halal friendly options would be limited, but that is an understatement. To their credit they did have an option, but literally just one on the BBQ menu.  With no other option, I ordered the Hawaiian Prawn from their Roast section and Temi got the Pork Belly from their BBQ with a side of Fried rice, and the salt and pepper squid.

Temi: The salt and pepper squid was okay, it tasted like any normal calamari. It was quite salty, but that was expected from the name of the dish.  The pork was accompanied by three sauces (red miso chilli paste, sesame oil with garlic and crushed jalapeno) . By itself the pork was perfect. I made a ssam wrap with the different sauces, and before I knew it, the pork had disappeared. My only qualm was the price to serving size ratio.

salt and pepper squid

Mari:  The fried rice was packed with flavor and spice and slightly crunchy in a good way.  The squid had sherry wine vinegar which they reassured us wasn't boozy, but Halal foodies use your own discretion. The waitress emphasized that with the sides Temi ordered the Hawaiian Pawns would be more than enough for the two of us. I don't know what kind of customers they are used to serving, but 4 prawns on a bed of Corn chow chow is NOT main dish worthy. On the menu they only mention corn and candied lemongrass and being a noob I assumed the lettuce cabbage looking thing was some exotic type of lemongrass. I took a big bite of it and HOLY BITTER it was atrocious. I made Temi try it before we discovered it was radicchio.  Was it there for décor because who in their right mind eats that willingly?

hawaiian prawn with lemongrass
Hawaiian prawns and fried rice

Temi: After barely swallowing a whole leaf of bitter radicchio, we decided that we definitely needed the parfaits to wash away the pain. Luckily, you can order the parfait from the BBQ section. Mari got the Cookies + Cream and I got the Special - Birthday Cake Parfait.  Their parfaits are served in these branded mason jars that you are allowed to keep, a smart way to cut down on dishes and waste.

Mari: Yes, I was basic with my parfait choice but I was in desperate need of something that I knew would taste good enough to cover the taste in my mouth. It did the trick, but didn’t leave a lasting impression that makes me want to take my jar for a cheaper refill.


In Summary

Maybe it's our love for American-sized portions, but the flavorful food at Trove didn’t seem to make up for the serving-to-price ratio. While Temi is more forgiving and willing to admit her Pork Belly BBQ and fried rice were great, Mari still can't get the bitter taste of radicchio from her 4 prawn dish out of her mouth.  In hindsight, maybe we'll stick with their parfaits and even give their noodles a shot because we like trying everything at least once.

TMA Rating: 3/5

Ambience: Bright and casual

Wait time:  10 mins

Food:  Korean BBQ/Fusion

Would we go back?  Probably not

Halal Friendly? Definitely not the BBQ section

Price: $$$