Tortas Condesa

Tortas Condesa

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Temi: When I saw that the hole in the wall shop on Olive Street which used to be Kedai Mekan would now be home to Tortas Condesa, I knew we had to try it.

Mari: Fortunately, Tortas Condesa has a similar set up. It's takeout only, you place your order at the window and can either wait for your name to be called or for them to text you to pick up your sandwich. Even with a few orders ahead of us, it only took 10 mins tops to get our hands on the hot delicious tortas. Just like it's predecessor, you can take a seat at Montana next door to grub on the sandwiches or just rush home. Seems like nothing's changed…

Temi: Except it has. First of all, Tortas Condesa has completely revamped the space. A lovely bright yellow door grabs your attention and their big windows give you the perfect view of their open kitchen and airy space. The shop looks bigger than Kedai since they painted a white brick accent wall in the back.  Even if I had no intentions of eating there, if I walked by, I would have stopped to check it out.

Mari: As the name suggests, Torta Condesa sells mexican tortas. They currently have six on the menu as well as a variety of drinks (think Horchata) and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. With no halal options to choose from, I had two veggie options. The fried egg in the Jalapeño torta made the choice easy because anything with fried egg is bound to be good. 

Tortas Condesa dessert and drink menu
Tortas Condesa menu

Temi: I went with the House Chorizo torta (Housemade chorizo, fried egg , avocado, cilantro, smoked chili mayo and cotija). It was a bit messy, but I didn’t mind. If you have a good grip and focus, eating this should be no problem. It had some kick from the chorizo, jalapeños and TWO egg yolks. Lovers off eggs everywhere, you know two eggs in a sandwich is rare. We bow down for two eggs.

House Chorizo Torta

House Chorizo Torta

Mari: I have a mild spice tolerance, meaning I like spice to add flavor to my food without setting my mouth on fire. So I was a little weary when the menu labeled the Jalepoño torta as HOT with a little flame emoji. Turns out it probably needed more than one of that emoji. The caramelized onions, cumin mayo, and cabbage helped tone down the spiciness of the jalapeños to make it slightly more tolerable. Although next time, I think I'll  have it with a glass of milk.

Jalapeño Torta

Jalapeño Torta

Temi: This has definitely been added to the top of my list of late-night food places. If it's this good at 6pm, it must be even better at 2am.

Mari: I have a feeling it'll be one of those places that I'll often crave at the dead of night, luckily it's open until close. I'm assuming that means past midnight, but in our rush to grub we failed to solve that mystery.

In Summary

Tortas Condesa is cheap, fast, and filling. It should definitely be added to your list of take-out places whether you live in cap hill or not. We got there only two hours after they opened, and they were already out of horchata. Either they have been super busy since their grand opening on October 1st or they just didn't make enough. I'd say the former, because their food was just that good.

Ambience: Take out

Wait time:  10 mins

Food: Filling and flavorful

Would we go back? Without a doubt

Halal Friendly? Only two options, but very good ones

TMA Moment:

Tortas, the Space Needle, and Seattle sunsets make for a great time 

Space needle, yumm...

Space needle, yumm...