TMA Mondays: Something's Brewing

TMA'ed while jamming to Love in the 90z by Mack Wilds

There's a whole lotta brewing in Seattle this week. In particular, the news that Redhook has plans to open a new brewpub in Capitol hill next fall. Also expanding, the well-loved Din Tai Fung will be opening its third Seattle location in Pacific Place, summer 2016. Perhaps 3 locations will mean shorter waits? We can dream right? To tide us till we get more soup dumplings, the Holidays! The holidays mean celebrating with friends and family and giving gifts. In the spirit of the holidays, our gift to you are these lists. A list of awesome food-related gifts for the foodies in your life and this list of great spaces for your private holiday celebrations. Not celebrating the holidays with us, Pike Place Fish Fry. They silently closed on us last month, citing the "massive developments" in the area as the reason. The silver lining, it's not permanent, they have plans to reopen once construction is done or at least subsides. 

Our Pick of The Week


Super Six, Columbia City - Part of the Marination family, Super Six is already earning its wings, appearing in Seattle Eater's Hottest Restaurants for December. Lovers of Ma'ono will definitely feel at home with the menu. Loco moco, fried chicken and bottomless mimosas are definitely some common trends between the two.


Sardines -  This past week, Mari and I tried a new restaurant for TMA (review coming soon) and they had a menu item with sardines that had me feeling some kind of way. It only felt right to find a recipe with sardines and with this recipe by Travis Lett of Gjelina, now you can eat sardines in style. 


The New Sh*t in Town

Optimism Brewing Company, Capitol Hill -  It's taken over two years for couple Gay Gilmore and Troy Hakala to get optimism to the masses and it seems to be two years well spent. They will have beer on tap and although they don’t serve food, there will be rotating food trucks available in their courtyard. Other things to be optimistic about, (pun intended) they are plastic only, they don’t accept tipping and they pour true pints!

Slow Boat Tavern, Hillman City - Get your peanuts! Your peanuts and your beer. Ken Provost has done some serious research on taverns and he has found a location to share his knowledge. Slow Boat tavern only accepts plastic (is this a new trend?)  and the only food they have is peanuts, but you are welcome to bring your own food in.

Mr West, Downtown - There is nothing like eggs and toast for breakfast and recently opened café, Mr West, has some for you. Owned by the same folks at the popular Bottlehouse in Madrona, Mr West is open early and closes late so stop by anytime.  


Seattle, What's Happening

Santa Con: The Santa Pub Crawl, 12/12 - Dust off last year's Santa suit, get some extra padding cause its cold and join the party!

Backyard Astronomer at The Pink Door, 12/14 - What is better than dinner? Dinner with live music. The pink door presents a night with cabaret music from the Backyard Astronomer a feature length musical about friends, dreams and second chances. For $10 you can join the rest of the dreamers.

Theo Chocolate Seasonal Confections: Demo, 12/12 - Theo Chocolate's head chocolatier will be giving a free demo on some of their seasonal confections. Go cause its free, stay cause its chocolate.

How do you feel about the whole beer, no food trend that seems to be happening? Are you as pleased as I am about plastic only establishments? 


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