TMA Mondays: Smell the Cherry Blossoms

TMA'ed while dancing to Love Me Like That by The Knocks

It seems Seattle is too busy smelling the cherry blossoms now that spring is officially here because this week's update is shorter than usual. With the blooming trees also comes allergies, but who thought allergies would come in the form of Starbuck's Cheese and Fruit Bistro boxes. All Washington state Starbucks have recalled the boxes with the "enjoy by" date of March 4th because they might contain unmarked cashews. Like kindred spirits, the reopening of the Japanese garden and the return of  Miyabi 45th  with a new concept, new chef, new menu and some soba noodles means more Japanese culture for us Seattleites.


Our Pick of the week

Old School Frozen Custard, Capitol Hill - This is probably one of my favorite places to go after dinner on a warm day. They have a new flavor every day and fresh waffle cones. Plus nothing beats the feeling of reminiscing on your childhood once it feels like summertime.

Daikon- Seattle seems to be initiating their spring with Japanese Garden ceremonies and Japanese Cherry Blossoms. It only seemed right to make the ingredient of the week a Japanese radish that is in season around this time. I'm not a huge radish fan, but this radish french fry recipe sounds right up my ally.


New Sh*t in Town

Melt at Bar Sue, Capitol Hill - Atta boy Sandwiches has left the building and Bar Sue's kitchen will now be serving 5 different kinds of Mac n Cheese. For the sandwich lovers, there will also be grilled cheese sandwiches. You know it will all be good because Darren McGill the owner of Nate's Wings and Waffles will be running the show.

Little Uncle's, Capitol Hill - The little take out window is still around, but it now has a bigger twin that is a sit down restaurant. The owners had a soft opening for the restaurant space this past week and now they'll  be open regularly, starting this week, from 11 am - 10 pm Tuesday to Saturdays.

Café Avole, South Seattle - A crowd-funded Ethiopian coffeehouse will be opening its doors on March 12th. Solomon Dubie beat the odds against him and is here to show Seattle that drinking Ethiopian coffee is more than just using coffee beans from Ethiopia.


Seattle What's Happening?

Rodeo Round Up #4, 3/13 - It's that time again for the monthly round up of food trucks at the Fremont Sunday Market. This month features new trucks like the Stack Burger Company, Roll Ok Please, People of the Chubbs and more.

$0.69 Oyster Happy Hour, 3/15 - This one is worth putting in the books a week early since the oysters get slurped up pretty quickly. I mean, Whole Foods can only have so many oysters to feed the 1k+ people planning on attending.

Have you seen the Cherry blossom trees at University of Washington campus or visited the Japanese Garden yet? What is your favorite place to get ice cream, frozen custard, or frozen yogurt when the weather is warm?


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