TMA Mondays: Seeing Double

TMA'ed while listening to Intoxicated by Ashley DuBose

Seattle might need to get its prescription checked because in this week's update everything seems to come in twos. Of course that also means two Chipotle news stories. One, due to all the heat Chipotle has been facing for the past few months, they are having to lay off employees. Two, in an attempt to save face, Chipotle is offering a catering discount in conjunction with Super Bowl Sunday. The first 1,500 orders will get $50 off their catering spread for 20 people. The important question is if $50 is worth the risk.


Our Pick of the Week


Skillet Diner, Capitol Hill - I recently ate dinner here again after a long time and I think it's fair to say that it’s definitely in my  top 5 restaurants  for comfort food in Caphill. Their fried chicken was perfectly crisped with a hint of sweetness that you'd usually get if you were to eat the chicken with waffles and syrup.


Zucchini - I don’t usually eat vegetables without meat, but when I do they are fried. Zucchini is probably the one vegetable I enjoy regardless of how its cooked, but I recently found a recipe on Bon Appetit of zucchini fritters that I will definitely be trying this week.


New Sh*t in Town

Hurry Curry of Tokyo, SLU - As if South Lake Union didn’t already have enough new restaurants, this LA based restaurant just opened. You can expect their famous Japanese curry as well as Yoshoku dishes in a fast-casual setting, perfect for the Amazonians working around the area.

Maree Bistro, West Seattle - This husband and wife duo used to run Cassis in Alki, but are now waiting for a liquor license for their new venture into the French Cuisine. Hopefully by next week they will be getting prepared for opening day.

Mean Sandwich, Ballard - A Seattle native has returned from her adventures in the Big Apple and is now planning to open a neighborhood shop in Ballard or Wallingford alongside her husband. They will probably finalize a location soon as they plan to be open by summer.


Seattle what's Happening

Dim Sum Class, 2/1 - If you are a big fan of dim sum and could eat it all day every day, this hands-on class is for you. Enjoy some tea while learning to make Sui Mai dumplings, classic steamed buns, and flaky Daan Taat tarts.

How to Cook Lamb, 2/8  - This class is more than a week away, but the spots are filling up. Lamb is a hot commodity, especially when it comes to Middle Eastern dishes. During this class you'll hear about different methods and cuts of lamb, then learn to create middle eastern style lamb shanks as well as some side dishes. 

Belgian Fest, 1/30 - Escape from the daily Seattle grind, to try over 80 Belgian-style beers brewed with Belgian yeast from breweries all over Washington. Dante's inferno dogs, sweet iron waffles, and more food will be provided as well.

What is your favorite restaurant for comfort food? Have you taking cooking class before? Hope your week isn't as repetitive as Seattle's food industry. 


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