TMA Mondays: Revolving Doors


TMA'ed while listening to Raindrops by Moglebaum

When one door closes, somewhere another door opens. As cliché as that is, it totally applies this week in Seattle.

What's closing? King Donut, more so a shop that was the jack of all trades serving teriyaki at a bakery/laundromat, is retiring at the end of the year after a 30 yr tenure. The donuts in their Facebook post look so good, I definitely need to grab a dozen or dozen boxes before December.

What's opening? Smith Tower, yep the one and only iconic building, is reopening the 35th floor as another high view point for the emerald city. This isn't just going to be a throwback tourists spot because of the building's age, but also due to the 1920s style speakeasy that will be there.


Our Pick of the Week

Purple Café, Downtown - If the smoked cheddar burger doesn’t entice you enough reason to go to this restaurant, the fact that its Creekstone brand (aka halal) will. Plus their crème bruleé is probably the best I've had in the city recently and the best way to top of the meal.

Rhubarb - I don't get what all the hype is with this vegetable, but it's in season and recipes are afoot. Maybe i'll try this recipe for whipped yogurt cheesecake with roasted rhubarb by Molly Yeh and ill gain some understanding. 


New Sh*t in Town

Scout, Downtown - Josh Henderson has set up permanent residence on the bottom floor of the new Thompson Seattle Hotel. The menu befits the hotel serving all day, but like any Henderson installment the food will be all locally sourced.

Zaccagni, Downtown - This re-opening has the east coast girl in me beyond stoked. You can expect the classic chicken parm and Italian roast beef sandwiches as well as cheese fries.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Chrome Anniversary and Slate Coffee Opening Throwdown, 6/17 - Chrome took Seattle by storm 2 years ago with their opening and now they are joining forces with Slate coffee shop that is currently stirring things up. Slate will open its 4th location inside the Chrome HUB and to celebrate that, in conjunction with the anniversary, Chrome is hosting a party full of throwdowns.

Toklas Society with Rachel Coyle, 6/20 - Learn what it takes financially to go from a pop-up shop to a bakery shop of your own from the owner of Coyle's Bakeshop. This is one of the first few places we went to review and I think hearing Rachel's story while eating her desserts is worth the investment. 

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