TMA Mondays: Quit It


TMA'ed while listening to A Little Bit More by Jidenna

People say never to quit, but sometimes quitting is about accepting the end of something so something new and better can begin. That’s the advice I would give Ericka Burke, owner of Volunteer Park Café, when she quietly closed Chop Shop last Friday. It had only been a year in July since it opened, but the restaurant just wasn’t getting the same love from Capitol Hill as other new restaurants. Don’t believe me? Remember Miyabi 45th closing? Well Chef Mutsuko Soma is now back in the food scene with her Kamonegi Soba Pop ups starting August 22nd. Here's another one. Last year Wallingford's beloved restaurant Sutra shut down, but as of last week Sutra's chef opened up Mana Restaurant in Leavenworth.

Moral of the story: Sometimes quitting is the answer.


Our Pick of the Week

Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice cream, Pike Place - Move over Molly moon's I think I found my new go to tourist spot for the year. They give a whole new meaning to ice cream sodas and their Kitty Canutt sundae combines my two favorite desserts apple pie and ice cream.

Carrots - I probably love them as much as bugs bunny. They are probably the only vegetable I enjoy eating raw. The only thing I didn't think I liked about them was carrot cake. But the one at Bakery Nouveau changed my mind complete.


New Sh*t in Town

Culture Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Seattle Center - if you didn’t know the museum had a restaurant before, now you can go check out their new one serving a seasonal menu. Not a member? You can still dine there, but you won't get the 10% discount.

Coffee Tree and Poke, First Hill - I've lost count on how many Poke places have opened this year. I guess you can never have too many, because this second Coffee Tree location added the trendy Hawaiian raw fish to their menu.

Sea Wolf Bakery, Fremont - The Schumann brothers are bringing loaves of bread to the neighborhood that has been slightly neglected this year. Their soft opening is most likely early next week.


Seattle, What's Happening

S'mores Day/Week, 08/08 - 08/12 - In honor of National S'mores Day on August 10, Slab is celebrating for a whole week with special s'mores inspired desserts.

Boon Boona East African Coffee Ceremony, 8/09 - This one is for all the coffee lovers. Visions Espresso is hostingtwo experts from Boon Boona Coffee who will be roasting, brewing and serving coffee the way its traditionally done in East Africa.

SLU Block Party, 08/12 - First it's free, second there will be music, a beer-garden, and a best-burger competition. All the key ingredients for a great time.


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