TMA Mondays: Pride & Joy

TMA'ed while listening to Summer Friends by Chance the Rapper

While we all struggle to recover from a prideful weekend and sluggishly try to be productive today, Seattle food scene is doing the opposite.

The summer is just getting started, and with that comes more working from home days, early happy hours, food/beer/wine festivals. For example, Bar Sue is adding something called happy minutes in addition to their 4-7 pm happy hour where you can get a 1$ Rainier and $1 shot of whiskey. Sure that’s impressive, but I'm more interested in their elbow mac and cheese and cheese fries for only 2 bucks!

Sadly not all of us could wait until the rain let up. The Old Sage supposedly filed for bankruptcy and like its sibling Spur, has served its last round.


Our Pick of the Week

Glo's, Capitol Hill - Since I've been fasting for Ramadan the last few weeks, I've only really had the opportunity to eat out in the wee hours between sunset and sunrise. Glo's is clutch for eating an hour or so before the sun rises and the best part is not having to do deal with the long wait.

Bell peppers - Bell peppers, especially green, are probably the most underrated and unappreciated vegetables in the summer. My mom loves to add them to any meat dish she makes, whether it is ground beef mixture you add to pasta or roasted chicken. It truly adds the most amazing aroma and sweet tangy flavor to the dishes. Here's a list of ways to take advantage of them when they are at their peak ripeness.


New Sh*t in Town

Ciudad, Georgetown - Nothing like grilled meat in the summer, but now with Cuidad you can get it all year round. Although when it opened last week, it was raining. This week promises clear skies and chance to enjoy the grilled meat on their big patio.

Broth Bar, Olympia - The name is pretty self-explanatory. In case it wasn’t, the Portland based café is going to be serving their variety of broths mixed with a variety of meats/flavors in our neck of the woods.

Cheese Wizards, Interbay  - There is truly some sort of wizardry involved when it comes to the Cheese Wizards food truck because not only is it addicting but it's hard to find. Soon it'll be harder for them to pull their disappearing acts because the owners Tom and Bo Sabxe are keeping their cheese wizardry contained in a brick and mortar space in the Interbay.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Seattle Made Food + Beverage Connection, 6/29 - One of the things that makes Seattle food scene special is that a majority of the restaurants keep things local. This event gets you connected with the people behind more than 45 Seattle local brands. Get tickets now to grub and meet the people behind your favorite food products.

Coffee Mixology Class, 6/30 - They say if you teach a man to fish, you've taught him how to survive for life. If that's true, then I think the logic also applies to teaching a coffee addict to create their own coffee concoctions. This class will teach you to make the best coffee you'll probably ever have and you get to drink coffee while learning it.


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