TMA Mondays: Planning Ahead

rose oil cake

TMA'ed while listening to Get Low by James Vincent McMorrow

The final stretch of summer is here, and it seems everyone is either figuring out how to keep the summer vibes around when the sun goes down or their planning for next year.

For example, Capitol Hill Hot Cakes is now open on weekdays and has the same hours as the one in Ballard. As we all know, chocolate can make any dreary day 10 times better.

Scroll down because there are a lot of new restaurant plans and events.


Our Pick of the Week

Storyville Coffee Company - Their Pike Place locations is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle below while still being a part of it. While their coffee and hot chocolate is great, they also have a good selection of bites. Plus you could always grab a Piroshky to nom on before posting up there.

Hummus - This weekend I learned to appreciate how light and snacky hummus can be after a full day or days of non-stop eating. You can dip carrot, chips, broccoli, etc and it hits the spot. Also it's not that difficult to make from scratch if you follow the instructions from thekitchn.


New Sh*t In Town

Atlas Kitchen and Lounge, Queen Anne - Although they just had their opening earlier this month, the lounge's hours are meant for keeping the night young during the work week. So when you need some pub grub or NY style grubbin' this is the place for you.

Hardwok Café, Bellevue - It'll be a Hardwok life in Bellevue on Thursday when doors finally open for the second location of this Taiwanese restaurant.

Wood Shop BBQ, Central District - Barbeque is what summer evenings are made of and in the fall this mobile food truck will be a permanent resident in Central District.

The Organic Coup, Seattle Metro Area - Prime example of planning for the next Seattle spring. The former Costco employees that opened this California based fast food chain have plans to open not 1 but 5 more locations in the Puget Sound next year.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Kung Fu Tea Seattle Grand Opening, 8/26 - There is no such thing as too much bubble tea, especially in Udistrict. If you're a fan, be sure to attend this grand opening because it's Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Pizza Crawl 2016 ,8/27- 8/28 - For the third year, Capitol Hill will be swarming with pizza lovers and live music. The event is exactly what it sounds like and more. There will be an opening ceremony at the starting point of the crawl, then the group will go to a string of pizza parlors and after a secret party with more live music.

Belltown Crush Block Party, 8/28 - If you missed Seattle's Street Food Festival this past weekend in SLU, there is a chance to catch some of the food trucks at the Belltown block party. Although this one isn't free and is more focused around wineries and breweries, there is a promise of food. Plus the entrance fee will be given to the Plymouth Housing Group nonprofit that provides housing for the homeless/low-income.


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