TMA Mondays: No Surprise Here

TMA'ed while listening to Close by Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo

Another day another gender gap discussion. Glassdoor recently published a study they did on gender gaps across 5 different countries and what they found is no surprise, the gender gap does exist.  They dug into the gender gaps in specific occupations in the US and right under Computer Programmers ( the occupation with the highest gender gap at 28.3%) , were female Chefs who earned 28.1% less than their male counterparts in the field. Wow!

In completely unrelated news, Amazon Prime Now now has local grocery delivery in Seattle.  Prime subscribers can now order groceries from PCC Natural Markets and Uwajimaya for a free two-hour delivery.  In a surprising twist, Mama's Mexican Kitchen has been saved! Sort of… not really. They'll still be closing as scheduled on March 31st, but then they'll reopen in May, under the helm of Marcus Charles, as Mama's Cantina.


Our Pick of the Week

Tamarind Tree, International District - Everyone I know says Tamarind Tree's Pho is clutch, I wouldn’t know because every time I go there, I get their broiled catfish which I think is the best I've ever had. Whichever way you swing on the Vietnamese food spectrum, you can't go wrong at tamarind tree.

Brussel Sprouts - Is it sad to say that brussel sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables? Sad or not, roasted brussel sprouts with a little bit of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and bacon if you're feeling funky,  are the best. Roasted brussel sprouts are one thing, but brussel sprout grilled cheese?!? That's a whole other level. Try this recipe from iamafoodblog.


New Sh*t in Town

Frost, South Lake Union - Frost will be expanding to SLU in the next few months. They'll be at Amazon's Bigfoot building on Ninth and Mercer so no more drives to Bellevue or Mill Creek to get your frost fix. One menu item you can look forward to is their gonzo breakfast sandwich which has scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon/sausage in a raised doughnut. Excuse me while I drool.

CommuniTea Kombucha, Central District - Although CommuniTea Kombucha has been open for a few months, they will be having their grand opening on April 2nd. If you love Kombucha and have not had a chance to try them out, their grand opening would be a great opportunity to go taste testing.

Sisters and Brothers, Georgetown - It's a family affair at Sisters and Brothers. A family affair that involves insanely hot fried chicken.  On their site, they claim to have the best fried chicken west of Nashville. I'll definitely be stopping by to determine if this is true. You should too, if you can handle the heat.


Seattle, What's Happening

Vegfest 2016, 4/9-4/10  - Seattle Center is hosting the yearly healthy vegetarian food festival and you can expect all things veggie! There will be food samples, cooking demos, and even free health screenings. If you are vegetarian, thinking of becoming vegetarian or still struggling to get your daily serving of veggies, this event is for you.

Seattle Restaurant Week , 4/10 - 4/14 & 4/17-4/21 - Seattle Restaurant Week will be back next month and you know the drill, 3 courses for $30. Need I say more?

Late Night Asian Speakeasy Pop-Up, 04/08 - We mentioned the Cochon 555 event a few weeks ago, but it turns out there are more treats for us that weekend, including a late night Asian speakeasy at Bitter/Raw. Guest chefs will be whipping up their favorite Asian dishes for a nighttime feast inspired by late-night eats. This is definitely a not-to-miss event.

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day,  4/12 - You get a free cone of ice cream. That is all the motivation you need.


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