TMA Mondays: New Year, New Me

TMA'ed while jamming to Look Like you ( Afrobeats Trap Trap in the Bando) by DJ Tjaey

A new year means new beginnings, an opportunity for you to start afresh. However, just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you've left all your 2015 problems behind. Whole Foods has to pay 500k for the overcharging allegations they faced last year. Their new year resolution? No packing on pounds for the freezer. 2016 also means knowing less about where your meat has been. The US recently repealed a law that required red meat labels to include the animals country of origin. This is apparently a win for exporters and a possible danger for local providers. In other news, Wine World has "temporarily" closed after a few years of financial struggles, while Marination in SLU is finally open!

Our Pick of the Week


Radiator Whiskey, Downtown - This is a meat lover's paradise.  Get the protein you need for the year in one dish. Their pork shank falls off the bone and if you are up to it, you can order their half pig head in advance. It's pretty cozy, so reservations are highly recommended especially for larger parties.


Salad - We've all made new year resolutions to sleep more, work out often, eat our vegetables, however, if you are anything like me, the idea of most raw vegetables is almost as scary as steamed vegetables. Ugh! This recipe by spoonforkbacon for mixed citrus and fennel salad should get you started on your goals, feeling of dread excluded.


New Sh*t in Town

Fika House Kafe, Bellevue - Brought to you by the same folks who own 99 park in Bellevue, Fika House is a place for people who really love coffee.  Although they are aimed at the coffee connoisseurs, they will also serve small plates and Washington beer and wines.

The Growl Store, Capitol Hill -  44 beers on tap will keep you coming back. Initially started through Indiegogo, Loren Klabunde has opened up his bar that will be serving all local beers ( 100 miles or less). It's all about reduce and reuse here. You can buy, refill and get growler accessories with no bottles or cans in sight.

Din Tai Fung, Southcenter - When Din Tai Fung makes moves, they make big moves. Just shortly after announcing that they will be expanding to Pacific Place downtown, Din Tai Fung is also planning on opening a fourth branch in Southcenter. More soup dumplings for everyone!


Seattle, What's Happening

Mobile Food Rodeo, 1/10 - It's Round 2 of the mobile food rodeo. Expect a variety of food trucks from Afghan Delicious to Wood Shop BBQ.  Its free to attend, but with the Freemont Sunday Market in the vicinity you'll be leaving with your stomachs full and your pockets empty.

Seattle AntiFreeze: Timber Ginger Beer, 1/14  - Avoid the cold and the Seattle Freeze at this event hosted by MOHAI. It's a great opportunity for you to learn about your city. There is a new topic each month and Timber Ginger Beer will be talking about the history of timber town while you sample some ginger beer.

Pike Chocofest, 1/31 - This is an early reminder for a must-not-miss event. Pike Chocofest will include "over 65 of the area's premiere breweries,bakers and chocolatiers". If you missed the chocolate festival last year, this is an opportunity to get your chocolate fix with drinks on the side. For $50 get 10 drink tickets, unlimited food tastes and more!

What do you have in store for 2016? Any  restaurants you want us to try this year? Let us know!



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