TMA Mondays: More money, more problems

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TMA'ed with first album we've bought in a while 25 by Adele

Happy Thanksgiving TMA readers! The recent $15 minimum wage increase means a lot of business model changes in the food industry. Recently, Tom Douglas restaurants came together to discuss the possibility of removing tipping at his restaurants and making wait staff hourly. More money for them, more expensive food for us. Speaking of money, a lot of it has been lost this year with various food related disease outbreaks. The FDA has announced new produce safety rules to save your wallet and your life. Meanwhile, Gnocchi Bar's Lisa Nakamura has got your back on last minute dinners. Her fully cooked gnocchi is now for sale at select PCC stores. Unfortunately nothing could save Manhattan. The restaurant closed its doors permanently yesterday. They will be missed. 

Our Pick of the Week


Stateside, Capitol Hill - Stateside is Seattle Met's restaurant of the year and it's no surprise why. Serving Vietnamese food that isn't afraid to use French and Chinese influences, Stateside is definitely serving food with a twist. The most surprising and delicious twist? Thai tea and Vietnamese coffee creamscicles. 


Pears - Why should apples get all the love? Pears deserve love too. Eat them as a snack, in salad or baked.  Anything an apple can do a pear can do better? Here is a recipe for Spiced Pear Upside- Down Cake from Bon Appétit to get you started. Thanksgiving is coming and you deserve some sugar.


The New Sh*t In Town

Tr3s Cocina/Cantina, Belltown - This recent addition to the Belltown neighborhood serves upscale mexican food. Visit them if you need your seafood or tequila fix. You also can't beat $6 plates for happy hour.

Culture Club Cheese Bar, Capitol Hill - Cheese lovers unite! It's wet and it's cold, but never fear because Culture Club is here with the best comfort foods: Grilled Cheese and Mac n' Cheese.

Meat and Bread, South Lake Union - The Canadian sandwich chain opened its second place in Seattle recently. Now you don’t have to walk too far for a good sandwich.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Holiday Pop Up, 12/7 - Eat, drink and be merry. Hot stove society is hosting a holiday pop-up that will feature several, Tom Douglas restaurants, artisanal food stands, baker, brewers, and the works for just $10

Argosy Christmas Ship Festival, 11/27-12/22 - Santa is on a boat. Argosy begins their 2 hour cruises featuring festive waterfront locations, a live choir and Santa. What's not to love?

How are you spending your Thanksgiving? What's your signature thanksgiving dish?


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