TMA Mondays: May Day May Day


TMA'ed while listening to This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris

May Day is infamous for wreaking havoc in Seattle. I was less worried about the May Day protests turning violent  and more worried that it's already May! Anyone else think April flew by? If time flying by doesn't make you freak out, then maybe the news of global top chef Magnus Nilson bringing his talents to Seattle will. Well, specifically to a Nordic Culinary conference this week. The hope is he'll be able to help give a rise to Scandinavian cuisine in the Puget Sound. Starbucks customers take freaking out to another level. A few months ago they sued for under-filled lattes but that wasn't sufficient enough so now they are causing an uproar about under-filled iced drinks.

Our Pick of the Week

8oz Burger, Capitol Hill  - The burgers are juicy and classic. The sweet potato tots will convert sweet potato fries haters to believers. Also they have two happy hour sessions with great deals.

Spinach - I love spinach. It is my favorite green vegetable after Okra. You can substitute it for lettuce in salad, add it to any dish to make it healthier. For instance quiche, lasagna, pasta etc. One of my favorite ingredients to mix with spinach is either chick peas or potatoes. This recipe for Espinacas con garbanzos from Smitten kitchen is one of the best.


New Sh*t in Town

Sam Choy's Poke to the Max, Hillman City - For all the Poke fans, May 7th is your May day because Sam Choy's is going to open its brick and mortar version of their popular food trucks. Don’t fret, you can still get your beloved poke from the food trucks regular locations because it will stay in rotation.

Xi'an Noodles, U District - It was a great May Day for noodle fans in Seattle because Xi'an Noodles opened their doors May 1st. The restaurant hopes to remind its Chinese customers of home and provide an authentic biang biang noodle experience. 

Shug's Soda Fountain & Icecream, Pike Place - If May will be as hot as it is today and you live in an apartment with no air conditioning, Shug's is the place to cool down starting next week. The shop will be throwing it back to 1930's with their concoctions of cherry phosphates and lime rickeys plus serving ice cream with homemade soda flavored syrups.


Seattle, What's Happening?

The Blind Café, 5/5-5/7 - Nalanda West in Wallingford is bringing awareness to visual impairment through food. There will be vegan food served by blind staff, live music, Q&A session about visual impairment while heightening your other senses because it's all in the dark.

Cooking Classes at Vendemmia, 5/14 - Chef owner of Vendemmia, Brian Clevenger, is hosting another series of cooking classes and the first one is in two weeks. If you want to be one of 10 people to learn Basic Pasta making and cooking from Chef Brian personally, call the restaurant at 206.466.2533 to reserve a spot!


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