TMA Mondays: Out with the old...


TMA'ed with Show Me by Marc E. Bassy on repeat

In with the new. Seattle is wrapping up 2015 this week quieter than it has been all year in the food scene. Everyone is busy reflecting on their adventures and looking forward. Chipotle is learning from its stint with E.coli and changing their cooking processes. In 2016 you can expect the onions to be dipped in boiling water before they're chopped, marinated chicken to be tightly snug in Ziploc, and cilantro to be an ingredient instead of a garnish. While these changes are already starting to be put in place, Saint Helens, John Henderson's brasserie-style café, is delayed due to construction and probably won't be open until February. Soon after, Noroeste and Great State Burger will also make their appearance.  Obviously things don’t always goes as planned, Kit and Jesse Schuman (Sea Wolf bakers) know all about that in their journey towards owning a bakery this year. It seems they are making a resolution for next year to own a flagship space focused on wholesale, but with opportunities to provide baking classes. If 2016 is anything like this past year, you can expect a lot more closures, new restaurants, events and of course our wit in next year's TMA Mondays.

Our Pick of the Week


Veggie Grill - I love meat, but I'm not a huge fan of tofu posing as chicken. So I was pleasantly surprised by the legitimacy of their "Buffalo" chicken sandwich. This place makes the possibility of being a vegetarian seem easy and delicious.


Spinach - This is probably my favorite green to eat, and not only because Popeye the Sailor makes it seem like the best in the world. I've had it twice since I've been home, cooked with mixed vegetables and also with lamb. This spinach dip recipe is delicious and easy to whip up if you're throwing a party, pre-gaming, or just watching fireworks on TV for New Year's Eve.


New Sh*t in Town

Brambling Cross - Ethan Stowell is back at it again with a gastropub offering new menus for two of the most popular Instagram meals, brunch and happy hour. There is a reason they say two is better one.

Fainting GoatThis oddly named shop will be taking over Sirena Gelato's old gig in a few weeks. Once they redesign the interior, they will be scooping gelato for all those with withdrawals in no time. That doesn’t mean you have to wait to get a taste of their gelato, just check out their Wallingford location.


Seattle, What's Happening

Foodie New Year's Eve - What better way to ring in the new year than with parties focused on food. Check out this Eater's list for all the restaurants in Seattle celebrating New year's eve the foodie way.

New Year's Day Brunch - Café Flora is hosting its annual brunch buffet on New Year's Day. It's the step in the right direction for anyone with the resolution to eat less meat or just start the new year healthy. Those looking to recover from the night before can also find solace in the Deep Fried French Toast.

How do you plan on ringing in the new year? What are you looking forward to in 2016?


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