TMA Mondays: Hello Spring!

TMA'ed while listening to Fast Car by Jonas Blue, Dakota

As of yesterday, everyone is feeling a little spring in their step. Oasis Tea Zone is finally built out and looking for employees to hire so they can get the tea brewing.  Brian Clevenger is adding Sunday brunch to  Vendemmia's menu and will start serving it on Easter Sunday. Half way across the world in Paris, a meat vending machine serves ham, pate and more for Parisians to pair with the baguette they get 24/7.

Although Spring just arrived, I can't wait for summer. Why? Il Corvo's owner has heard our cries that lunch is just not enough. You would think that means it'll be open for dinner, but actually its better. He will be giving us the opportunity to cook it for ourselves by selling the noodles and 10-12 sauces to match it.


Our Pick of the Week

Pink Door, Post Alley - This place is great for when you are craving Italian, celebrating something, or just want to be serenaded to by an accordion player, cellist, and guitarist while you stuff your face.

Pesto - You can add pesto to any dish and it will increase exponentially on the delicious and bougie scale. I recently made this delicious one pan pasta I found on Buzzfeed. Although it asks for a specific amount of pesto, I went a little overboard with it and had no regrets.


New Sh*t in Town

IronSteak, International District - On Tuesday, Ironsteak will be having its grand opening. If the idea of interactive fast food experience isn't enough to get you there, maybe winning the Yeezy raffle will. It's exactly what you think, you check in at the restaurant with a selfie of you and your raffle ticket, and you are entered to win Yeezy 350 or Yeezy 750 shoes.

Sunset Fried Chicken, Capitol Hill - Monica Dimas, the woman who brought us Neon Taco and Tortas Condesa, will be teaming up with RGB and Montana founder Rachel Marshall for a third time to bring us fried chicken sandwiches inside of Rachel's Ginger Beer in Capitol Hill.

East Anchor Seafood, Madrona - Vendemmia is doing big things this spring it seems. The chef Brian Clevenger and his girlfriend teamed up to open a place that offers a multitude of services such as groceries, prepared food, and a few plates from Vendemmia which is next door.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Steak Night Happy Hour, 3/22 - If you missed $0.69 oysters at Whole Foods last week, you can make up for it with $14.99 NY Steak and Grilled Vegetables. Make sure to get there early since its only for Happy Hour from 5-7pm.

Easter Sunday Brunch, 3/27 - What better way to celebrate Easter than with brunch at Volunteer Park Café. They will open as usual at 8:30 am. Their pastry case will have special additions such as hot cross buns and carrot cake. If you'd rather celebrate with supper, they will be serving their famous Sunday summers at 6pm. The family style dinner is $45/person and reservations are a must.

Plate of Nations, 3/25- 4/10 - At the start of every spring for two weeks, MLK Jr. Way South is the place you want to eat all three meals if possible. For $15 -$25 foodies and everyone else can get a taste of all the international food that thrives in this part of Seattle.


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