TMA Mondays: Happy Holidays!

TMA Mondays: Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays one and all! There is so much happening in the food industry, Seattle and beyond,  this holiday season that we are excited to tell you about while you enjoy your morning gingerbread cookies - no judgement.

First, the bad news. This week Le Cordon Bleu announced that it will be shutting down all its US establishments due to regulations from the gainful employment rule. The rule is cutting off federal funding from for-profit schools where students loan payments exceed 20% of a graduate's income after taxes. If you are tuned in with the food business, you know that a good percentage of students graduate from culinary schools, such as Le Cordon Bleu, and work minimum wage jobs.

In the good news, Sun Liquors has an Eggnog pop up happening this Christmas Eve. There are also a few new restaurants to look forward to next year, including, two new bars from the current Rob Roy owners as well as a new Mamnoon restaurant in amazon's new SLU building. Also expecting something new, Microsofties! Maria Hines is bringing her knives to Microsoft's main campus in Redmond. The restaurant, Boardwalk, will be locally sourced and open to non-microsoft employees as well.

Lastly, in an update from last week's TMA Monday, Peloton has finally set a date for their opening, expect them January 2nd!

Our Pick of The Week


Tsukushinbo - This is without a doubt one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Seattle. If you are tired of the usual sushi fare, Tsukushinbo is a great place to try other Japanese dishes such as their Katsu curry. It's cheap, plus I heard their ramen ( served only at lunch) is 100! One thing to note, it's small, so it is best to call and make a reservation beforehand.


Gingerbread - Is gingerbread even an ingredient? I'm not sure, but one thing I know is that during the holiday season we all need a little bit of gingerbread in our lives. This easy recipe for a gingerbread loaf by The Nerdly Beautiful, will definitely help you get your fix.


New Sh*t in Town

Amandine Bakeshop/Empire Espresso, Capitol Hill - Sara Naftaly has joined the legion of restaurants popping up in the Union St area. Amandine is a bakeshop that will be serving classical French and British pastries. They've also joined forces with Empire Espresso to give you a 2-in-1 experience. Nothing like a 'pan au chocolat et café au lait' to get you through the dreary winter.

Harvest Beat, Wallingford - Good news for all our vegetarian/vegan readers, this new restaurant that opened up last weekend in Wallingford has a full vegan menu. Even better it is prix fix style and takes the guessing out of dinner. Harvest beat will be serving "food of the moment", so expect fresh, in season and hopefully delicious food.

Big Boys Kainan, Kent - There aren't a lot of Filipino restaurants in Seattle and the Big Boys crew is aiming to change that. The current owners of the Big Boys Filipino Food Truck plan on opening a brick and mortar restaurant in late January. They will be serving traditional Filipino food like Pancit and Lumpia, but there will also be fusion items available. 


Seattle, What's Happening?

Darkest Days Beer Festival, 12/21-12/23 - Celebrate this year's winter solstice at Stout. They will be serving at least 10 specialty stouts, porters and drafts from places such as Ballast Point Brewing Co., Great Divide Brewing Co., Against the Grain Brewery, etc.

Making Hand-Rolled Sushi, 12/24 - The Holiday season can be stressful on you and your pocket. Why not relax at this FREE hand-rolled sushi class? Chef Shota Nakajima from Naka will be leading the workshop and you just have to make a reservation and show up.

Christmas Eve Feast at Ernest Loves Agnes, 12/24  - You can get the Christmas Celebrations started early at Ernest Loves Agnes's Christmas feast. They will be serving from a set menu, but you can expect goodies such as Christmas goose and hot buttered rum to keep you warm.

TMA will be spending the holidays with our respective families. Do you have any exciting plans for the holidays? What holiday food are you looking forward to most?


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