TMA Mondays: Guess Who's Back?

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We're back from our trip and boy do we have a lot to catch up on. Since when did Seahawks start to dominate the food scene? Russell Wilson is a juicer and Juice Presser in New York is the only one worthy to fulfill his juice addiction. So he is pioneering their first flagship west coast juice bar to be in Seattle. While Wilson is too busy to do more, retired Marshawn Lynch has a lot of time on his hands. Lynch is now spreading his Beastmode brand to the food department with chocolate.

My fantasy football standing is going to shit already, luckily I'll be able to eat my feelings in burgers and sandwiches from the new expansions of Lil Woody's (opening in SLU), Paseo (opening in Capitol Hill) and Little Big Burger (opening in Greenlake).


Our Pick of the Week

Ro Ro's BBQ & Grill, Fremont - No doubt the best place I could've eaten at upon my return from UK. The brisket is tender, juicy and everything brisket dreams are made of.

Pumpkin - Yes I know, how basic of me.  I'm a fan of PSL, pumpkin spice loaf to be exact. This original recipe from OnceUponAChef is what I'll be making every weekend of October because there is no such thing as too much PSL.


New Sh*t in Town

Asadero Sinaloa's, Ballard – Mexican is the new Nordic considering this new restaurant from Kent is joining the several others in Ballard.

Passatempo Taverna, Walla Walla - Yes this is hella far away, but winter is coming and eastern washington always is a good escape from the gray skies of Seattle. Maybe that was the exact reason Il Corvo's chef is taking his talent's east to join forces with Jim German and a former Microsoft attorney Mike Martin.


Seattle, What's Happening?

OktoberFeast 2nd Annual Food Relay Race, 10/1 - For those who like to eat more than run, this is your kind of race. Teams will be divided into four stations and teammates will finish one dish and 1/2 liter of beer sequentially and an Underberg toast before the time is up. Top 3 teams will get prizes from Rhein Haus and the winning team will earn a trophy and $250 donation to any charity of their choice.

Northwest Tea Festival, 10/1 -  At this festival youll get your fair share of tea to drink, but also learn how about tea etiquette in other countries, how to cook with tea and more. Some might think tickets for $10-$15 is expensive, but lord knows that’s a lot cheaper than any afternoon tea time in the UK.

Taco Night, 10/2 - Taco Tuesday is cool and all, but Marjorie is doing a few days early on a Sunday and serving up tacos courtesy of chef Francsico Ruiz

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