TMA Mondays: Gotta Catch em All

TMA'ed while listening to Ole by John Newman

If you're reading this, you're probably risking not being able to "catch em all" and become the best Pokemon master. We'd like to thank you for being a TMA fan, much like Chick-fil-a is showing appreciation to cows. On Tuesday, if you show up wearing anything cow-like you get a free entrée!

Speaking of appreciation, for those of you who love dive bars as much as this guy from  the Seattle Times, you should start hitting them up for their $2 Rainiers before they are all gone.

Much like the end of dive bars around Seattle, you can say bye bye to anything using polystyrene foam, aka the material of foam cups that some of us chewed on as kids. The foam is being banned in San Francisco because of its inability to decompose and the harm it can cause to marine life and our waterways.


Our Pick of the Week

Café Flora - I love French toast, since Ramadan ended I've eaten it twice already and neither of those have lived up to Café Flora's. Oh and they don’t just have the best French toast, their cinnamon rolls are the what dreams are made of.

Watermelon - Some like it sweet and some like it salty. I'm the former. Although it still surprisingly isn't hot enough, watermelon is the best thing about summer. I found some great tips on how to choose a ripe watermelon and how to cut it because lord knows I suck at both.


New Sh*t in Town

100 Pound Clam, South lake Union - The only thing that might keep the turnover rate at Amazon low might be all the new restaurants that keep opening near their offices. This fish and chips joint just opened on the waterfront this past Friday.

Dot's Butcher and Deli, Pike Place - Meat, meat and more meat coming to you this Thursday. It's exactly what the name suggests, a butcher shop that is also serving up some sandwiches from 11am-3pm with sides of our favorite pasta in town, Il Corvo.

Kung Fu Tea, University District - Seattle is known for its coffee addiction, but the abundance of bubble tea in University District could start to suggest otherwise. This New York based bubble tea place is opening this Friday.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Bastille Day, 7/14 - France may not have won the Euro Cup, but they will still be celebrating this week because of Bastille Day. Red Cow is one of the restaurants bringing the celebration from Paris to our neck of the woods with an assortment of drinks, but more importantly beef and lamb specials for only $10.

Dragon Fest 2016, 7/16 & 7/17 - This is one of the largest Asian American celebrations in the PNW. Get a glimpse of Asian culture and a taste of it with a $3 food walk.

Bite of Seattle, 715-7/16 - If you missed the Ballard Seafood Fest this past weekend, don’t fret because some of those same food vendors will be at Bite of Seattle in Seattle Center.


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