TMA Mondays: Get in Formation

TMA'ed while listening to Last Dance by Dua Lipa

We are all still trying to pick our weaves up from the slay-age that Beyoncé laid upon us with her new song Formation and her performance at the Super Bowl. Some folks are still riding that wave, like Red Lobster, who apparently had a 33% increase in sales on Super Bowl Sunday compared to a year ago.  The rest of us our trying to get back to our regular schedule, this includes Mamnoon Street. They opened at Amazon's Doppler Building this past weekend and will be serving Sharwarma, Mezze and more.

Also getting into formation, Stateside owners, Eric Johnson and Seth Hammond. They will be opening a new bar called Foreign National sometime this year. It will be a small lounge serving cocktails accompanied by "Asian - inspired drinking snacks". Be on the lookout for more on that. 

Our Pick of the week


Bantaba African restaurant, Lynwood - This weekend, my friend and I hit up this restaurant that serves Gambian food. An actual, physical restaurant folks. A 30 minute drive ain't no thing for a taste of somewhat home.  They had items like Meat Pie and Afra Chicken ( which kind of tastes like Suya chicken). They also served Benachin which is their version of Jollof rice.  Check it out for yourself and determine if it's worth the drive back.


Hot Sauce - I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag. This recipe doesn’t necessarily have hot sauce, but its spicy. Try out this recipe for kitchen sink chili by one of my favorite bloggers, spoonforkbacon.


New Sh*t in Town

Dino's Tomato Pie, Capitol Hill - Coming to you from one half of Delancey. Brandon Pettit's new pizza place in Capitol Hill should be opening in a few weeks. Expect the same delicious fresh ingredients you get at Delancey but with square thick cut pizzas with a more "New Jersey" twist. Their website feels like you just got catapulted into the 90's, don’t worry it's on purpose.

Noi Thai, Downtown - If you're like me and still on the search for good Thai in Seattle, there is a new place to check out. Noi is owned by the same person who owns Bai Tong in Redmond and other locations. If Bai Tong is any representation of what to expect, Noi should not disappoint.

Woodblock, Redmond - This new casual dining establishment will be opening its doors in March. Their bar will be serving "barrel - aged, classic and creative cocktails" and you can expect a northwest inspired menu from their kitchen.


Seattle What's Happening?

Hot Chocolate 5K, 03/06 - Do you dream of running a 5K and then getting a ton of chocolate at the end of the race? Well pinch yourself because this is not a dream, this is reality. Run for charity and for chocolate on March 6th. Don’t forget to register.

Seattle Wine and Food Experience, 02/20-02/21 - It’s a whole weekend dedicated to the finer things in life. On Saturday, taste a variety of oysters, caviar, champagne etc.  and on Sunday, the grand tasting will include a deluxe selection of food, wine, beverages and more!

Beer and Cheese, 2/23 -  Wine and cheese is tried and true but beer and cheese may be new to you. The Culture Club Cheese Bar is hosting another cheese tasting class. This time, learn how to pair your cheese with beer.

Do you know of any other West African restaurants in the greater Seattle area? Not caterers, but actual physical restaurants? Tell us please. Please!


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