TMA Mondays: Change is Constant


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As time goes on things change, sometimes for good and sometimes negatively. This rule also applies to the food business. Kukai Ramen has officially changed their name to Kizuki Ramen. One of the reasons for this is because apparently Kukai means poop in Hawaiian. Also making big changes is T - Doug. He is planning to drop tipping on February 1st in favor of a 20 % service charge and $15 minimum wage for the wait staff for 3 of his restaurants ( Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, The Carlile Room) . Belltown's scene is changing with its beloved fixture for over 40 years, Mama's, closing at the end of march. It will be sad to see it gone.

Our Pick of the Week


Pam's Kitchen, Wallingford - There was a phase in my life when I went to Pam's at least once a week. Their coconut fried bake sandwiches and jerk chicken had me coming back for more. You should definitely check it out. They have a second location in South Lake Union that does lunch only so get those sandwiches!


White Wine - Wine is great for cooking and not "cooking wine" which most of the time has unnecessary added salt and additives. Reds, whites and even champagne add distinct flavors to your stews and sauces. For a good beginner base, go with a dry white wine in a Chardonnay on Pinot Gris variety or try this recipe for Kimchi Braised Chicken with Bacon by BonAppetit.


New Sh*t in Town

Paseo, SoDo - If you love this Cuban sandwich shop, then you will be pleased to hear that they will be opening a new location in SoDo soon. Even better, this location will serve alcohol and we can only hope it has more seating. This is a great turnaround from 2014 when they just closed on us.

Cinque Terre, South Lake Union -  This Italian restaurant will be joining Anar and Marination at Amazon's new Doppler building in South Lake Union. According to Eater, the restaurant will include, an oyster bar, local seafood and handmade pizzas and pastas.

FlintCreek, Greenwood - This is for the meat lovers out there. Flintcreek, the sibling of RockCreek owned by Eric Donelly and Christy Given will focus on serving hormone free venison, bison , lamb etc. You can expect them sometime in February.


Seattle what's Happening

Cider & Sirens, 1/25 -  A six course dinner sounds great. A 6-course dinner from some of Seattle's top female chef's, even better.  You'll have the opportunity to dine with thechefs, while enjoying your dinner paired with cider.

Cheese 101, 1/26 - Culture Club Cheese Bar is having their first cheese lesson. If you've ever wondered if there was anything more than sharp cheddar, mozerella and provolone, this class is for you. It's 21 + and comes with a comprehensive tasting of 10 cheeses and a good time.

Brewology, 2/12 - This event is next month, but you don’t want to be the last to know. The world is your oyster and on February 12th Pacific Science Centre will be your taproom. It will feature a variety of beers and light bites, as well as after-hours access to the Pacific Science Center exhibits.

What changes have happened to you this year? Good, bad, food related? Let us know! 


Sources: Seattle Eater, Stranger, Seattle Met, BonAppetit

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