TMA Mondays: 100% chance of food

TMA'ed while watching Jbieb's Purpose video series.

The weather forecast from here on out is 100% chance of rain, so I'll be finding shelter in places I can eat the gloominess away. Unfortunately that won't be in Zhu dang, Satay, or Ripple Café. They have used up most of their rainy day funds and shuttered down. I guess if I'm really desperate I can risk going to Chipotle, since it's back open after its run with Ecoli. Speaking of back in business, the Gum wall is ready for re-gumming its spotless power-washed bricks. The new gum might be afraid of the rain ruining its chances of sticking, but Hello kitty isn't scared of water. This past weekend the Hello Kitty Café Truck visited Seattle, as a stop on its nationwide tour, to spread the love with kitty macaroons and cookies.


The New Sh*t in Town

Jarrbar, Pike Place Market - This quaint place is bringing a jar full of Spain and Portugal to Pike Place Market. The menu includes tinned seafood, Jamon, cheese, and cold salads.  

General Porpoise Doughnuts, Capitol Hill - Renee Erickson has brought a little piece of the sunshine state to the rainy city. Capitol hill is slowly becoming donuts hill, considering Mighty O donuts also opened there a couple weeks ago.

Pike's Pit Bar-B-Que, Pike Place Market - The spot that used to be home to Market Gablee (under Public Market Sign), has a new tenant serving the public “Genuine, slow roasted, and wood smoked bar-b-que," as their welcome sign reads.


Seattle, What's happening?

Saboteur Pop-up Sale, 11/17, 11/19, & 11/24 - Tinder, as in Matt Tinder and not the app you're constantly swiping left on, will be selling freshly baked breads and pastries from 12pm to 6pm at RN74 in Downtown Seattle

Ugly Sweater Party, 11/19 - As soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas lights and grandma's handmade sweaters start making an appearance. Firestone Beers is embracing the early holiday celebrations with an ugly sweater party this Thursday. There will be prizes, games, beer (for those who drink), and of course food.

Pumpkin pie and beer festival, 11/19 -  Seattle doesn't do basic, but when it does it's in the form of a festival starting at 7pm. Even though I don't drink, I'd pay $5 bucks for it because I'm a sucker for pumpkin pie.


Our Pick of the Week


Metier, Capitol Hill - This pit stop is perfect to rid yourself of that growing food baby because you stayed indoors all weekend Netflix+eating. You can grab a bite to eat, as well as exercise or get your bike fixed to handle the rain slick streets. I plan on going to try their food, but as soon as I've finished binge watching Master of None.


Kabocha squash - Fall is my favorite season because the air gets crisp, it's finally acceptable for me to wear sweaters I drown in and it's squash season! The PNW has the best weather for growing kabocha squash. You can easily find the squash at Lee's Fresh Produce in Pike's place, Uwajimaya in International district, or Whole Foods. Here is a great easy Kabocha Squash recipe imafoodblog recently posted that is as good as it looks.

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