TMA'ed while listening to HandClap by Fitz and The Tantrums

Mari: Soi is one of the restaurants that I heard about through word of mouth. Everyone knows that Thai is probably my favorite cuisine. I could have it five days a week and not get sick of it. It's the only cuisine other than pizza that I love eating as leftovers. I also didn’t have to do much convincing to get Temi and her dad to have lunch there.

Temi: Yep Papa Temi was in town and he came along for our TMA ride. Quick rant on Thai food in Seattle, I feel like there aren't' many good ones. Sure everyone talks about Thai Tom but it's in U district and not close to me. In Charlottesville (where Mari and I went to college) great Thai food was abound. I went to Soi hoping for a pleasant surprise. I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Mari: The thing that caught our interest is that Soi claims to be different from all the Bangkok Thai restaurants most people are used to. We weren't sure what that meant until we got there. The restaurant is very different from what you would expect. It was very open with wooden tables that gave it the vibe of a restaurant that would serve new American cuisine with a local seasonal menu and craft beers from PNW breweries on tap. 

Temi: Haha. Don’t get us wrong, we loved the vibe. It was different for a Thai place and we appreciated that. The menu items were in Thai so we really had to take our time reading the descriptions and figuring out what we wanted. There weren't any of the familiar items you'd expect like Phad See Ew or Phad Thai. But there were some common flavors like panang curry etc. 

Mari: They had a lot of meat based items, but what I loved was that quite a few of them had the option to be made vegetarian. A big win for Halal diners. After much deliberation, I got the Spiced Curried Prawns, Temi got the Peek Gai Panang and Papa Tems got the Khao Pad Tom Yum.

Temi: The Peek Gai Panag included panang curry with a friend chicken wing stuffed with ground chicken. It sounded like a grand idea to me. Chicken inside of chicken? I'm all about that. When it came, the panang curry was on point. Definitely the best I've had on the West side (disclaimer: I haven't tried Thai Tom's panang curry, Mari thinks its the sh*t). The chicken was crispy and well flavored even without the curry that accompanied it. However, after taking a bite, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole stuffed chicken thing. No one wants to bite into a wing and find a meatball.

Mari: There were two spicy food lovers that day. Temi's dad is all about the heat, and garlic. He asked for his food to be extra spicy, but when it came it still was meh. So we asked for the extra chilies. A few teaspoons of the chilies in fish sauce, and all was good for him. My shrimp was really good.  I had a spicy surprise in the middle of the sauce under the shrimp. The chilies were all congregated there patiently awaiting my arrival.  After a few bites it hit me, it was the mouth on fire, crying, running nose kind of spicy.

Temi: Mari struggled to finish, but was quick to ask for the dessert menu.

Mari: The panang custard helped settle the fire flaming in my mouth. Thai donuts are legit just oil fried. They were so airy I don’t know if there was any dough to begin with. The custard was sweet especially after I mixed it. I've never had custard warm unless its licking the pot after making some. It worked well with the warm donuts.

Temi: The custard reminded me of Ogi (a tart Nigerian corn pudding). Replace the donuts with Akara ( Nigerian bean cake) and Mari would've been eating a Nigerian breakfast. I took one bite and was like NOPE. Couldn’t deal with the texture.

Mari: Her face was hilarious. I'm sad I didn’t capture it on camera. I finished the custard, but there was no way I was ingesting that much oil by eating all three donuts.

In Summary

We were pleased with Soi. Their menu was different and we were able to experience food from other Thai regions, but their familiar Thai dishes were probably some of the best we have had in Seattle.  Compared to what you expect for Thai food they were a bit pricey, but the environment and food will definitely make you want to come back.

Ambience: Bright & Chill

Wait time:  None (Lunch time) 

Food:  Not your average Thai

Would we go back? Yes

Halal Friendly? On point, just make an item veggie.

Price: not too cheap, not too bougie, just right

TMA Moment

Some really cool wall candle holders