Smoked Salmon Coddled Eggs

TMA'ed while listening to A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men

I love eggs. There is no breakfast, brunch or dinner better than a runny yolk on freshly toasted bread. I haven't had eggs in a while and recently they've just been on my mind.  First I saw pictures of coddled eggs from Eggslut in LA , later I came across iamafoodblog's recreation of eggslut's coddled eggs, and THEN food52 instagrammed about coddled eggs. It was a sign, a sign to eat eggs and try my hand at a coddled eggs recipe.

Coddled eggs are basically poached eggs that have been coddled by a jar, love and hot water. When cooked for the right amount of time, you end up with a creamy yolk. This recipe takes the basics of coddled eggs and adds in smoked salmon so you end up with a lox bagel in a jar sans the bagel. Unless, you toast some bagels and dip them into the eggs. Yum!

Breakfast in bed day a.k.a mother's day is coming up and this simple smoked salmon coddled eggs recipe looks impressive, tastes delicious and is easy to carry on a tray. Show your mama some love with this recipe.