Raspberry Molten Lava Cakes

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Ahhh Valentine's day. Love is in the air and all that good stuff, but I'm more excited about President's day and getting a day off of work. I need to catch up on sleep and I'm looking forward to a no plans weekend. However, if you do have plans with a loved one and want to go the extra mile or if you don’t and you are last minute struggling, we may have a solution for you. CHOCOLATE!

Okay, chocolate that's so basic for Vday right? How about molten lava cakes with a raspberry filling? We just upped your chocolate game from 0 to a 100 real quick.

I was super excited to try this recipe. Mari and I got a free bar of chocolate from a Valrhona rep during the chocolate festival last year. We had regaled her with our pathetic story of trying to temper chocolate for our coconut candy recipe. After giving us a brief tempering lesson, she said "Here, try this bar it should work better". Free chocolate? Say it ain't so!  Long story short, I've been wondering what to do with our little gift and Valentine's day seemed like the perfect time to break bars ( see what I did there?).

Okay so we had the chocolate and the recipe, but who is going to eat all that goodness? Lucky for us, we have friends and wonderful fashion bloggers Kim from HelloKimWin and Nini from TheNerdlyBeautiful. We'd been talking about doing something together for a while and we were finally able to! If you are wondering what to wear while you stuff your face, they have all the answers. We got together on Super Bowl Sunday ( we are that committed) and had a lot of fun eating, posing and taking pictures.  It was a lot of fun working with them, and I look forward to more collaborations. Check out their blogs for more! 

A Few things to Note

I didn’t use an original recipe for this post. I got the recipe for the Lava cakes from Martha herself here. It's a video recipe which is great and should be pretty easy to follow. A few changes I made were:

  1. I added 2 extra teaspoons of flour. I found that just using the standard 2 tsps that the recipe called for didn’t give the cake enough of a cake texture or structure.
  2. I added a tsp of raspberry preserves to each cake. Just fill the ramekin halfway, add your dollop of raspberry preserve and then add more batter to fill to the top.

The cake looks yummy, but where in the world can I find heart-shaped ramekins? Here are the ones I got on Amazon. They are a bit deep, about 6oz capacity, so I didn’t fill them to the top. Although, they are quite sturdy and make nicely-shaped hearts.

If you are a tempering noob like we were, the Valrhona bar that we got was actually pretty good. The only reason we got into a conversation with the representative was because we kept going back to steal samples from their table. Here is the bar we used, but you can also find more baking bars on their website

The Nerdly Beautiful

The Nerdly Beautiful

Hello Kim Win

Hello Kim Win

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