Onwards to Westward

TMA'ed while listening to Home and Away by Rukhsana Merrise

Mari: Last Tuesday we decided to take our talents to the shore side and check out Westward. We figured for a rainy week-night reservations were probably unnecessary, only to get there and find the place busy with several tables reserved.

Temi: Luckily we were able to snag the last two stools at the Chef's bar with a perfect view of the kitchen action. Tell me why all chef's drink water out of Tupperware while on the job?

Mari:  From the boat shelf behind the bar to the sea navigation maps covering the bathroom walls, the décor embodies their "one with the sea" motto.  The low lighting makes the open spaced restaurant more intimate and the outdoor seating with a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline makes it a perfect spot for a hot date.

Temi: While Mari was busy admiring the décor, I had my eye on the carrots that the couple next to us was eating and I knew I had to have them. 

Mari: We decided to share a bunch of small plates, more food to taste. In addition to the caramelized carrots, we also ordered the shrimp fraiche, pan roasted black cod and a scallop ceviche that was part of the day's specials. 

Temi: The Shrimp fraiche reminded me of some of the flavors of home.  It had smoked fish which is a common ingredient in Nigerian soups, the crispy shrimp also tasted like crayfish. Overall, the flavors felt very familiar.

Mari:  Using scallops for the ceviche was a great twist to the traditional South American dish. The Westward Scallop Ceviche took it a step further by using grapefruit as their choice of acidic fruit. They really made it their own by adding grapefruit chunks and topping off the dish with parsnip chips. The parsnip chips held their own and probably deserved to be their own side dish.

Temi: The carrots did NOT disappoint. They were perfectly roasted and the added cumin and cinnamon just melded so well with the olive oil. I could eat their carrots for days. I'll take that as my daily vegetable serving, please and thank you.  The pan roasted cod was, well, pan roasted cod, but combined with the leeks and squid ink vinaigrette sauce it came with, there was a great balance of sweet and tangy. Plus, more parsnip chips for the win!

Mari: The carrots were my favorite of the entire meal, they are how carrots should always be eaten.  I wasn't even close to being full, so I ordered dessert hoping it would do the trick. Originally I wanted the Butterscotch de Crème, but the whip cream has Scotch in it. So I settled for the Gateau Basque. It is almond cake topped with cardamom spiced pears and crème fraiche. The cream was sour, but complimented the pears and sweetness of the cake to balance out all the flavors. 

In Summary

If you are wondering where to go for a nice , intimate, shareable seafood meal, Westward is the place to go. We definitely recommend ordering 2-3 small plate per person because the food is relatively light and we didn’t feel that full after our meal. Their vegetables are just as good as their seafood. Lastly, they have a bonfire outside so that's definitely a cozy place to have post-dinner drinks when the Seattle rain isn't killing your vibe.

Ambience: Hot date vibes

Wait time: About 10 minutes between each dish

Food: Seafood

Would we go back?  Yes

Halal Friendly?  Very much so, if you like seafood.


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Sweet Sailing  to Westward