Nue menu and vietnamese iced coffee

TMA'ed while listening to Monsoon by Amber Mark

Mari: Temi's mom was in town and as usual, anyone who visits us these days gets the full TMA experience at least once. I kept asking Temi what her mom's favorite cuisine was to help me narrow down our choices. Temi's cop out answer of "anything" led me to choosing Nue.

Temi: Anything is not a cop out! That is literally what my mum said when I asked. Mari and I had both been there before, but Mari did well by picking Nue.  It has what I would call a global menu. Their dishes are a mix of fusion and traditional recipes from various countries. While we took our time to decide, Mari was quick to request two orders of their pineapple cornbread.

Mari: The cornbread is to die for. It's perfectly spongy while maintaining the cornbread consistency and the coconut shavings on top is better than any icing on a cake. Unfortunately, this time the cornbread wasn't as buttery for me. I wasn't biting into straight chunks of butter.

Pineapple coconut cornbread

Temi: Mari eats like an animal. She devoured that cornbread like there was no tomorrow. Also contrary to Mari's butter obsession, I thought the cornbread was perfectly buttery. With the cornbread out of the way,  my mom ordered the Trinidadian Goat Curry, Mari ordered the Brazilian Acarajé and I ordered the South African Bunny Chow.

Trinidadian goat curry

Mari: The Acarajé looked like the taco emoji. Our waiter said it would taste crabby even though the menu said it was made with shrimp. My taste buds agreed with the menu. The consistency of the stuffing reminded me of mashed potatoes. The fritter cakes were a little too salty in some bites because of the extra salt sprinkled on top.  Luckily I had their refreshing Vietnamese Iced coffee to quench my thirst.

Brazilian Acarajé

Temi: I made the right decision. The Bunny Chow curry was heavy on the curry. It was served in half a loaf of unsliced bread that reminded me of Agege bread, the fluffiest bread ever. Overall the curry was good, while slightly overpowered by the curry spice, it was still flavorful and semi-balanced with the bread. I felt it may have tasted better with rice.

South African Bunny Chow

Mari: I constantly make the mistake of ordering dishes I think will be entrees and they turn out to be more like appetizers. When the Acarajé arrived I thought that was the case, I decided to give it a chance to fill me up before ordering something else. Surprisingly it did.

In Summary

While we've been to Nue before, our experience is different every time. We love the exposure they give to world cuisines and their dishes are packed with flavor, flavor and more great flavor. Temi's mom thought her Trinidanian Goat Curry was smooth, Temi danced her way through the South African Bunny Chow, and I got my craving for something fried satisfied with the Brazilian Acarajé. Overall, Nue is hard not to fall in love with especially if you start the meal with their pineapple cornbread.

TMA Rating: 4/5

Ambience: Colorful

Wait time:  15

Food:  International

Would we go back?  Yes

Halal Friendly? You betcha

Price: $$