Nigerian Coconut Candy

Nigerian Coconut candy drizzled with chocolate

TMA'ed while jamming to What's the Score by Ady Suleiman

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you someone who wishes it would be socially acceptable to just eat granulated sugar? If so, then this recipe is probably right up your alley.

Act I: Coconuts make the cut

When we were trying to decide what to make for our first recipe post, we were stumped. Should we bake or cook something? Should it be savory or sweet? Then, a friend suggested Nigerian coconut candy, light bulb! With Temi's recent binge on all things coconut from coconut milk to coconut aminos, it just made sense.

An open coconut

Nigerian coconut candy is a very common snack in Nigeria and is often served as an hors d'oeuvre or dessert at special events. It is easy to make and requires just two main ingredients, coconut and sugar, yum! Hit up your local grocery store's fresh produce aisle for real coconuts because coconut flakes or canned coconuts just won't do. To tell if its ripe, shake those coconuts, if you can hear a good amount of liquid sloshing around inside, that is a good sign.

Act II: "Grate" way to build muscle

The challenge is opening the coconuts without making too much of a mess. We first tried to get the coconut water out by screwing a hole in one of the eyes. Total fail. Instead we ended up cracking it open with the back of a knife. Save yourself some time, just whack the coconuts open with a hammer.

Now that your muscles are warmed up, let's get to the real work out. Scoop the white fleshy part of the coconut out of the hard shell. Make sure to peel any lingering skin off the coconuts and then grate them into flakes. We only had one grater so while Mari peeled, Temi grated. It takes a while, so get comfortable. Our recommendation, have a second grater and invite a friend to "work out" with you.

Grating the coconut

Act III: Put the Cocoa on the Coconut

Hopefully after not too long, caramelize your sugar, pour in the grated coconut, and mix. Resist the urge to eat it now, or don’t…. Make sure the mixture is sticking together then pour it into a bowl and mold into balls before it cools off. Although it was amusing to watch Temi jump and shout while she molded them, we don’t recommend burning your hands for it. Use a tbsp or an ice cream scoop for this.

Let the coconut candy cool

Let cool. We were in a hurry, so we put them in the freezer for a bit, that’s okay too. We attempted to dip some candy in chocolate but our chocolate just wasn’t having it. Instead of nice chocolatey syrup, we had a nice chocolatey paste. We made do.

TMA Lesson: Melting chocolate is not our forte.

Nigerian coconut candy, yum!

Note: You could probably get away with 1.5 cups of sugar if you don't like things too sweet.