Mareé Bistro and Bar


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Mari: Mareé Bistro is one of the restaurants we mentioned in our TMA Monday earlier this year. It has been on our list for a while, and when Temi's born day arrived, we decided to celebrate at Mareé Bistro.

Temi: It's French and I love all things related to France especially European butter. Mareé  is also nicely located on the Alki beach waterfront so we had a lovely view.

Mari: In all honesty we didn’t really go there with the intention to review the restaurant. I brought my camera along out of habit and in hopes of getting candid pics of the birthday girl and, as usual, the food. Since it was on our list we thought we would do a quick review.

Temi: We had a reservation, so we were seated immediately. I always go for the bread and butter at French restaurants, so that was my first order of business. We also arrived 3 minutes before the end of happy hour, so we ordered some frites and clams for the table. As expected, the bread and butter did not disappoint. I was surprised we only ordered one round.

Mari: The food took quite a while to arrive, we waited about 15-20 minutes for each course. While patiently waiting, we grilled Temi on turning another year older. One of her goals: to eat steak frites. Just kidding, that’s just what she ordered. I ordered the Halibut and our friends got the Galantine de Poulet and Fresh Fish of the Day (Arctic Char).

Temi: The steak frites were good. The fries were crispy and perfectly salted. The kind of fries that deceive you into eating more than you should. Although to be honest, all fries have that power. I ordered my steak medium-rare and while it was flavorful, there were some parts of it that came out more medium.

Mari: The Halibut was like butter and melted in my mouth, while the almonds sprinkled on top gave an added crunch. It sat on a bed of greens that were flavorful with the way they had been sautéed. I'm not a fan of beets, but I actually didn't mind eating the few that garnished the plate. I wished the dish came with some sort of carb, because I ate a lot of Temi's frites to get somewhat full.

Temi: Dessert was a lovely surprise. I ordered the white chocolate molten cake. Mari told them it was my birthday, so it came out with a birthday candle. Birthday candles make dessert much more fun. But candle aside, the molten cake tasted like a sponge cake with a funfetti filling. I didn’t get a strong white chocolate flavour that you'd normally get with chocolate, but I inhaled that cake nonetheless.

Mari: Heh, I'm sneaky like that. The candle  struggled to stand in the tiny little cake, but managed to stay upright long enough for her to make a wish. My crème brulee hit the spot and filled up that remaining empty space in my tummy. The added apricots on top were a genius idea.

In Summary

We visited Maree Bistro for Temi's birthday and what a way to celebrate. From the French butter and bread to the crème brulee, the whole affair was exactly what one's tummy wishes for on their birthday. Since we didn't go there to formally review the restaurant, Mari didn't go all out on taking pictures of every dish. Overall, we would go back and definitely make sure to order more than one round of their bread and butter.

Ambience: Airy, nice views

Wait time:  none to get seated, 20 minutes for our food

Food:  French bistro

Would we go back? Yes, for a special occasion

Halal Friendly?  Yes,  bougie seafood aplenty

Price: $$$ - forget eating out for the next few weeks

What we ordered: clams, frites, warm bread and butter, Steak frites, Halibut, white chocolate molten cake and crème bruleé

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