Lunch at Il Corvo


TMA'ed while groovin to Say it by Tory Lanez

Temi: We have been planning to go to Il Corvo for a while but as the Gods have it, it's only open during the week and at lunch time. Luckily for us, we had MLK day off this year and made a plan to visit it with our friends Luis and Keia.

Mari: Il Corvo is pretty popular for lunch. We arrived 5 minutes after the restaurant opens at 11am and joined the line forming outside because the tables were already filled inside. They serve handmade pastas that change every day and announce the menu of the day on their blog.

Temi: We waited about 40 minutes before we were able to order and find a table. The group of us got their Squid Ink Tagliarini, Pappardelle, alla Bolognese and Crest di Gallo in a rich parmesan béchamel as well as some antipasti like Kale salad, prosciutto and the focaccia bread with olive oil.

Mari: We were handed our antipasti as soon as we ordered. By the time we sat down, grabbed utensils and snapped pictures, our pasta was out! We also had the good fortune of being able to use Luis's height to our advantage when taking overhead pictures of our food.

Temi: After taking pictures, we dug in. There was 5 seconds of silence followed by variations of "mmmm", "nice!", "yum". We had chosen well. I chose the Squid ink for two reasons. One, I had heard it was fantastic and as luck would have it the pasta was on the menu that day. Two, I was intrigued by black pasta. I believe I made the right choice. The pasta was mixed with a Siciliana sauce which gave off lots of heat.  With the fire bouncing off the noodle, my pasta day was made.

Mari: It was a nice change of pace to eat the appetizers and the entrees at the same time. I chose the Crest di Gallo in a parmesan béchamel because I was intrigued by the funny shaped broccoli Romanesco it was made with. I was pleasantly surprised that despite the simplicity of the dish it hit the spot. As much as I enjoyed the pasta, I was in love with their focaccia. 

Temi: Yep. Their focaccia was it, but he Kale salad definitely held its own. Simple ingredients of Kale, feta ( I believe), pine nuts and a vinaigrette, combined together to create a nice palette cleanser. You can't go wrong with prosciutto, but the pickled celery on the side was meh at best. But in its defense, I'm not a huge fan of pickled things, or celery.  

Mari: We devoured everything faster than it took us through the line. Since the number of people arriving wasn't dissipating, we didn't dilly dally too much. Following the Il Corvo Etiquette scribed on the wall, we bussed our tables and left to find dessert.

In Summary

After months of being on our list, we finally made it to Il Corvo and we were not disappointed. Long wait aside, their pasta is fresh, simple and delicious. The antipasti definitely doesn't take a backseat, especially their Focaccia. If you happen to work around Pioneer Square or are there on a weekday during lunch time, we without a doubt recommend stopping by Il Corvo for pasta. Afterwards, gelato for dessert?

Ambience: Hole in the wall, but a large one

Wait time: Requires patience to get seated but food comes out quick

Food: Italiano!

Would we go back?  Heck yeah

Halal Friendly?  Depends on the menu each day

TMA Moment

Keia against Tagliarini. 

What's your favorite weekday Lunch spot? Let us know! We would love to try it.