If you don’t Ma'Ono, now you know

Ma'Ono Tostadas - table manners aside

TMA'ed while listening to Wild Things by Alessia Cara

Temi: We switched directions this week and had brunch at Ma' Ono in West Seattle. Inconspicuously placed in the midst of other business on California Ave, Ma'Ono surprised me by having a very modern interior

Mari: It was a good thing we made a reservation because the place was popping for a rainy Saturday. If you're from West Seattle, you probably remember when Ma'Ono was called Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar. The transformation brought a Hawaiian influence to the menu but the famous fried chicken is still the most prominent item on there.

Temi: Their fried chicken is so well-known that they recommend you reserve it beforehand. When I looked around, I was pretty sure almost everyone around me had chicken on their table. So, I decided to go with the fried chicken. It came with biscuits, sausage gravy and maple syrup. Mari got the Tostadas and our friend Elysia who accompanied us got the Curry-Bacon Fried Rice and Eggs.

Fried Chicken and Tostadas

Fried Chicken and Tostadas

Curry-Bacon Fried Rice & Eggs

Curry-Bacon Fried Rice & Eggs

Mari:  My options were limited. I could either order the Coconut-Fruit French toast or the Tostadas. Usually if there is French toast on the menu, I will order it for brunch without a doubt. I hesitated this time because I'm all for mixing "the lime with the coconut" but the thought of apples with coconuts wasn’t appealing.

Temi: Their chicken comes in two sizes. Half a chicken( 5 pieces) or a whole chicken (10). I went with the half chicken and it is definitely made for sharing or leftovers. The fried chicken, crispy on the outside but juicy and succulent on the inside, was the obvious star of the meal with the gravy as a close second. I didn’t feel a need for the maple syrup that accompanied the chicken, it held its own. Even the breast was juicy, and that is saying something.  I can understand why this chicken needs a separate reservation.

Fried Chicken with biscuits and sausage gravy

Fried Chicken with biscuits and sausage gravy

Mari: The Tostadas were crunchy corn tortillas overwhelmingly topped with black beans, iceberg lettuce, coconut chutney, cotija cheese, siracha sour cream and two fried eggs.  If anyone has any pointers on how to eat this without letting the yolk dribble down your chin while the rest of the toppings threaten to fall off the tortilla, I'd love to hear them.  Also, it was a genius idea to mix siracha with sour cream making the tostadas a little spicy while the coconut chutney added the iconic Hawaiian flavor.



Temi: It would be unjust if I did not mention their bottomless mimosas. It wasn't the fake kind that actually has a limit.  As long as you are still eating brunch, they will keep filling your glass. That is my kind of brunch.

Mari: I should also point out that our waitress was very attentive. When our friend asked if the bacon fried rice had any dairy, the waitress took a note of her intolerance with the order without being prompted to. Double the brownie points for initially having no dairy in the dish my friend really wanted and also for the careful consideration of her intolerance.

In Summary

According to their menu, Ma'ono means flavor. The food definitely lived up to its namesake. The fried chicken, Curry Bacon Fried Rice and Tostadas were all packed with a fusion of flavors that you don’t usually expect to experience for brunch. Its not the best brunch venue for a Halal foodie but non-restricted eaters ( pork especially) will have a blast.

Ambience: Modern & Casual

Wait time:  15 mins

Food:  Hawaiian Fusion

Would we go back? Temi - "Definitely, I'm all about bottomless mimosas" Mari - "Maybe"

Halal Friendly? Not really, unless you like coconut or tostadas

TMA Moment

Giddy about getting hot wet napkins at the end of the meal

Have you tried Ma'Ono? Was their fried chicken finger licken?