Guest Post: Raspberry Lemonade Tart

TMA'ed while jamming to Glitch by Leah K

A few things I love about spring include: sun dresses, restaurants opening up their patio seating and berries getting cheaper at the grocery store. The other day I was at pike place, and I got 3 bins of raspberries for a $1 each. It was perfect timing because I was on my way to Anna's to whip up this recipe. A few weeks back when we visited Cycle Dogs with Hello Kim Win, she introduced us to Anna. Anna is an avid baker and once we got talking about food we knew a guest post was in our future. Here is Anna with her recipe for raspberry lemonade tart. Enjoy!


When Temi and Mari asked me to bake for the blog, I was OBVIOUSLY excited as I’ve been a devoted reader of Table Manners Aside for a few months now.   

I wanted to make something seasonal for springtime and with the weather warming up in Seattle, there is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of lemonade... except maybe flavored lemonade!  I’ve made Smitten Kitchen’s pink lemonade bars a few times with excellent results and I wanted to try giving another classic lemon dessert a raspberry twist. 

There are two main components to this tart – the crust and the filling.  15 years ago my Aunt Linda taught me to make pie crusts from scratch by cutting shortening into flour by hand. Lately though, I’ve been loving the flavor of butter crusts. Cutting cold butter is an arm workout and I prefer to sweat at the gym instead of in the kitchen, so a food processor is a lifesaver here.  This dough is also much more resilient than a traditional pie crust, so you can work it a little without worrying too much about making it too tough. 

For the filling, we’re going to make a basic lemon curd with some blitzed up raspberries mixed in to give it a little bite and a beautiful purple pink color.  Instead of cooking the butter in at the beginning like a classic curd, we’re going to mix it in at the end, which results in a lighter, creamier texture than you’d get with the traditional method. 

I hope you guys try making this tart for your next get-together! It's a great spring treat to make before we get into the heart of the summer fruit season.