braised lamb gnocchi and sausage and mushroom risotto

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Temi: We've had Grappa on the list for some time now, and finally got a chance to eat there with our talented friend Leah aka the one who made us look flawless in our logo.

Mari: Since it was one of those rare summer evenings in Seattle, sitting outside was the move without a doubt.  Unfortunately, smelling paint fumes was the price to pay for the last picnic table left in Grappa's European style patio.

grappa's outdoor patio

Temi: Before we begin our tale of food, I must tell you about Mari's struggles. We were all starving, finally got seated at the restaurant and when Mari takes out her camera to take pictures she realizes there is no memory card. No memory card! She had to uber home to get it and Leah and I just waited through the paint fumes with some lovely bread to keep us company. The bread was warm with a perfectly crunchy crust. By the time Mari came back, we were two bread orders in.

warm bread with olive oil and vinegar

Mari: Oops I did it again, but no need to put me on blast! Once I got back, we ordered right away. I got their Lobster Ravioli, Temi got the Braised Lamb Gnocchi and Leah got the Mushroom Sausage Risotto. I failed to realize that the Lobster Ravioli was actually an appetizer and immediately ordered the Seafood Risotto. Best decision I ever made. The ravioli had no sauce so my taste buds focused on the lobster stuffing alone. Thank goodness for the risotto, it hit the spot with its saucy creamy goodness. 

lobster ravioli
seafood risotto

Temi:  The Braised Lamb Gnocchi was okay. The gnocchi pieces were bigger than normal and I felt like it lost a lot of flavor in the middle. Overall it didn't wow me. That was fine though because I ended up eating most of Leah's Mushroom Sausage Risotto which was amazing! I can say hands down that Grappa's risotto is one of the best I've ever had. I'm not huge on risotto and I find that a lot of restaurants overwhelm you with the cheese and cream, but not this risotto. All the elements were balanced, from the cream to the sausage to the mushroom to the perfectly cooked rice.

braised lamb gnocchi
mushroom sausage risotto

Mari: The owner took a few minutes to talk to us and we were even more impressed. His inspiration for all the dishes in the menu come from Greece and other Mediterranean countries that he grew up travelling in. Get this, the red marinara sauce in the Seafood Risotto takes 8 hours to make. So while we are working our 9-5 day jobs, this miraculous marinara sauce is coming to fruition.

Temi: After all that we were stuffed, but not stuffed enough to decline dessert. Mari got their baklava and I was tempted by their tiramisu. I didn't think their dessert was that great. Their tiramisu was a little bit different, and the texture just didn't do it for me.

Mari: I wish I could have tried their tiramisu, but unfortunately it was made with liquor. The baklava isn't a strength of theirs. It had too much syrup that pressed all the layers together to form a cake instead of a flaky pastry.

tiramisu and baklava

In Summary

Paint fumes and Mari's struggles aside , we had a lovely dinner at Grappa that included attentive staff and an opportunity to chat with the owner. It was a nice change of scenery from our usual Capitol Hill adventures. Their risotto is definitely their staple item and is the main reason why we would go back here. Their dessert however, left more to be desired.

TMA Rating: 3.5/5

Ambience: Cozy

Wait time:  5 mins

Food: Mediterranean

Would we go back?  All day every day for the risotto

Halal Friendly? Fo sho

Price: $$

TMA Moment

Leah <3

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