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Mari: A few weeks ago when my brother was visiting, and the only thing left to experience in Seattle by the end of the trip was seeing TMA in action. We hadn't had Mexican food or anything too bougie while he was here, so Gracia was the obvious choice.

Temi: On arrival, the beautiful Spanish tiles in the back reminded me of this amazing Mexican buffet restaurant I once visited in Cancun that was in the heart of the city away from tourists.  Memories of being hungover and eating my fill in rice and beans came flooding back. At the same time, we sat at a booth with throw pillows making me feel like we were in a cozy coffee shop.

Mari: As much as my adventure consists of finding the best halal dish on the menu, it's also about finding the seat in the restaurant with the perfect lighting. Luckily the place had just cleared out after prime lunch time, and we got to sit in the window nook.

Temi:  With natural lighting on our side and comfy pillow behind our backs, we settled in and ordered some chips and guacamole, shrimp and crab tostadas and the queso fundido. Everything tasted very fresh, but man were the nachos salty. I think they sprinkle sea salt on the nachos before their served and perhaps the salt wasn’t evenly distributed because some bites made me wince. 

Mari:  Out of all the flavors they could've been, they chose salty. The tostados felt like summer. No really, they were light and fresh like a cool glass of water in the hot hot weather. The brother and I both thought that the shrimp was better than the crab. The crab was overwhelmed by all the toppings, and I was underwhelmed.

Temi: Cheeesseeee!! I loved the Queso Fundido because I love cheese. I think I would have enjoyed it more if we had gotten it with the chorizo, and I will definitely try that the next time I visit Gracia. It went well with the house-made tortillas, but it was quite a task to get it in there. Sharing melted cheese is harder than it seems. 

Mari: I liked the cheese too, but didn’t like how it got cold so fast. The tortillas that came with it were the bombdiggity and seemed like they were straight from the motherland. They were probably one of my favorite items.  For entrees, My bro and I ordered the Chayote and Pescado tacos and Temi got Conchita Pibil.

Temi: The Conchita Pibil, as an entrée with rice, was a bit to vinegary for my tastes. It looked amazing which is always a bit disappointing when something looks good but tastes meh. It was supposedly in a habanero sauce, but I did not taste the spiciness. At this point in our meal, I was getting full, and the Conchita Pibil didn’t make me want to keep going unfortunately. 

Mari: The tacos were pretty dry, but the fish was hands down way better than the chayote veggie. It's not because meat is always better than all veggies, but more so because the fish wasn't as bland. You all probably know by now that between Temi and I, I usually never add an extra spicy sauce to my dishes. Ladies and gents, that was not the case this time. I doused that veggie taco with habanero sauce.

In Summary

At Gracia, we experienced one of the most expensive tacos we have ever paid for. While the décor is lovely, the food seemed to miss the mark more than it did amaze us. The house-made tortillas are definitely worth the journey and we were all in agreement that they were the star of the show.  That and their Antojitos. Stick to the Antojitos, and you won't go wrong.

Ambience: Summer in Cancun vibe

Wait time:  15-20 mins for our food

Food:  Mexican

Would we go back? Not likely

Halal Friendly?  Yes, Lots of Seafood Options

Price: $$$

TMA Moment

The struggle to dish out the Fundido was real.