Ghee Sautéed Mushrooms

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Mushrooms should not be limited to stir fry's and fried rice. Here's why…

Act I: Fungi for breakfast

Before embarking on our coconut candy journey, Temi whipped up some breakfast to keep the hangry at bay. You may think that mushrooms don't belong at breakfast, unless it's in an omelet, but these ghee sautéed mushrooms were a hit so we had to share.

This is a quick recipe with simple ingredients. It is a versatile dish that can be served on its own or as a great side for scrambled eggs, steak, chicken, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Act II: Garlic Crushers or nah?

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who believe in the power of garlic crushers (Mari) , and those who don’t (Temi).

Whether you decide to finely mince the garlic or use the garlic crusher to get it into small pieces, you still need to use a knife to make it into a paste.


This allows the garlic to practically melt in the ghee. Your kitchen will smell wonderful and the mushrooms will absorb the flavor better.

Act III: A dash is more than a sprinkle

Once you have your paste, your parsley chopped and your mushrooms halved, it's time to start cooking.

Heat up your ghee on medium high heat until it is melted. Then add in the garlic paste and wait till most of the paste is dissolved. Reduce the stove to medium heat and then throw in your mushrooms. Stirring frequently, let the mushrooms cook for about 7-10 mins until they are tender. Throw in the chopped parsley, a dash of salt and pepper, mix, and serve!

How much is a dash? Well it's more than a pinch. Not helpful? It's about 1/16th of a teaspoon. But honestly it depends on how salty or peppery you want your mushrooms to be.

TMA Lesson : Taking pictures of your food can take longer than cooking it.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is a clarified butter. Simply, its butter with the milk proteins, sugars and water removed. It is great for high-heat cooking plus its considered paleo. You can find it at most Indian grocery stores, Whole Foods or online