"General Porpoise" in Life: Doughnuts


TMA'ed at a Starbucks playing When Christmas Comes by Mariah Carey

Mari: We had a long day ahead of us and what better way to start it than with General Porpoise doughnuts. The doughnut shop is one of the new places filling up Union street in Capitol Hill. It sits across the new Métier and the upcoming Sizzle Pie.

Temi: Once again we were up by the crack of dawn, albeit that means 7:30am currently, but still early for a Saturday. Rumor has it the doughnuts are gone by 11 am and we wanted to get the freshest batch with all possible fillings.

If we are going to be up early, we need our coffee

If we are going to be up early, we need our coffee

Mari: It's no surprise that they run out by 11 am because every 5 minutes there is a new customer wanting one of everything. According to the staff, they're production has improved because now they at least have one kind left until closing time at 3 pm.

Temi: We ordered one of each flavor.  While the Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Marshmallow, and Lemon Curd are regulars on the menu, today they also had Date Shake and Cherry Jam.


Mari: The Lemon Curd was like biting into a lemon mixed with condensed milk. Not even the sugar covering the doughnut helped alleviate the tart and tangy flavor. I liked it, but didn't really feel like I was eating a doughnut.

Temi: I agree. I was definitely a bit overwhelmed with the lemon flavor that I almost forgot about the dough encasing it. And the sugar! It was everywhere, on my hands, in my hair, everywhere. Just call me the sugar fairy, everybody gets some sugar.

Mari: Temi spent most of the time wondering why she had more sugar on her than me. I think it's because I wasn't "feelin' myself" as much as she was.

The Cherry Jam Doughnut

The Cherry Jam Doughnut

Temi: I let Mari take over the job of the cutting the doughnuts in half and focused more on eating.  The Cherry Jam doughnut was more my speed. I generally prefer jam doughnuts. Give me jam or give me death! Okay not that extreme, but you get the gist. My taste buds got a full doughnut experience with the cherry jam - dough, sugar, jam and all.

Mari: Vanilla Custard was definitely my favorite, but the Chocolate Marshmallow came a close second. For those that are Halal foodies, don’t fret. The name is a bit misleading, but there isn't actually any marshmallow in it. We specifically asked if there was any sort of gelatin, and the staff told us that it is actually just chocolate whipped like a meringue. It was named that way since "chocolate marshmallow" sounds much better than "chocolate whipped like a meringue".

Temi: At the bottom of my list was the Date Shake. Dates and I have a complicated relationship. There is something about the sweetness of dates that tastes almost too sweet for me. I like that it used vanilla cream as a base, but I just know it’s not the doughnut I would ever eat more than one of.

Mari: What's cool is that just 3 weeks after opening they already have regular customers that they recognize. I'm obviously slacking, but to come here more would be digging a hole in my wallet since it's almost 4 bucks per doughnut!



In summary

General Porpoise was another early morning adventure for us, but the doughnuts were a bright start to our rainy day. Out of their regular selection, the Vanilla Custard and Chocolate Marshmallow were the true winners. For those halal foodies the chocolate doesn’t actually have any marshmallows in it. The space was very open and the staff was very inviting. If life was a cliché cop movie, General Porpoise would be the place you go when you cracked a big case. But who really needs a big reason to eat doughnuts? No one!  It's a great addition to the slowly growing doughnut scene in Seattle.

Ambience: Airy Coffee Shop

Wait time:  Immediate gratification

Food:  Filled donuts

Would we go back? We haven't had are fill yet, so yes!

Halal Friendly? Yep, don't be fooled by the names.

TMA Moment

Trying to avoid getting sugar everywhere.


Have you had General Porpoise yet? Which doughnut filling was your favorite? Do you have any tips on how to eat them without making a mess?