Flamin' Goat Sliders

flamin' goat sliders

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I love goat meat. I can't let it rest. I want you to love goat meat too, or at least really wonder what all the hype is about.  I am constantly on the search for new goat meat vendors in the Seattle area. It's a lean mean protein machine, but it's not common in American diets, so finding some quality goat can be hard. I happened upon Toboton Creek Farms at the U-district farmers market. They raise and sell goats on their farm and after looking at all the cuts of meat they had, I left with a leg and some ground goat.

I've never seen or had ground goat. To be honest I've never thought of goat meat as something I would grind. Sure, I know it's possible, but when I think of goat, I think of it in a stew or in a soup falling off the bone. Past food memory aside, I initially had some basic plans for my goat meat. A stir fry or some sort of spaghetti sauce, but then I thought, Temi be wild and I decided to make goat burgers.

Goat burgers, turned into goat sliders which turned into flamin' goat sliders. If you didn’t already know, I love all things spicy. The Fire Cracker I had a while back at Uneeda Burger gave me the idea to create my own version of a fire burger. This recipe includes ingredients for a "mayo" which was coined by a friend as an avocado chimichurri.  It is a very spicy avocado chimichurri, but every meal is a personal experience, so feel free to adjust the habaneros to fit your preference.

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, sliders are a great choice for your Super Bowl throw down. Venture out of the norm and spice up the party with this recipe.

ingredients for flamin' goat sliders
goat slider patties
avocado chimichurri
flamin' goat sliders
flamin' goat sliders
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