Fiesta Catfish

TMA'ed while dancing to Soupé by Falz ft Yemi Alade, Shay Dee

When I was younger, I attempted to cook everything in this children's cookbook I had. Each Sunday, after church, my mum and I would grocery shop for the ingredients needed  for the recipe of  week.

One recipe I repeatedly made, was for whole baked fish. The recipe was super easy and it comprised of easy to find ingredients. Over time, I adapted the recipe which i now call Fiesta "insert fish used". 

With it being holiday season, baked fish is a nice break from the usual holiday menu. This recipe uses Catfish because, like Snapper, it is one of the more popular fishes used in Nigerian cuisine. It is a denser fish, so it holds up well in soups and stews and its mild flavor really allows you to be creative with your spices. It also has less bones for those of us who don't have the uncanny ability to separate bone and flesh in our mouths.

Whole catfish is not readily available in grocery stores, at least not in Seattle grocery stores. Go over to your local farmer's market to find fresh wild or channel(farmed) catfish. I found some fresh catfish at Pike Place Market that had already been gutted and cleaned. My only extra request? That they cut off the fish whiskers. This seemed to amuse them. 


Aside from the whole fish, your kitchen probably already has everything you need for this recipe. You can have the fish with any vegetable, starch of your choosing. I roasted some grape tomoatoes and potatoes. Recipes included.

One last thing to note, you are not limited to catfish. You could also try this recipe with whole snapper or tilapia. 

TMA Lesson: Here is a good guide on how to fillet your fish after roasting.