Deru Market


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Temi: We went to Deru market on a weekday which is pretty rare for us. Mari just got a new camera so we were ready to tackle dimly lit restaurants and sub - par lighting. Although, we didn’t have to worry too much about that at Deru. The interior is well lit and has this comfortable neighborhood deli feel. It’s a PNW neighborhood deli which means it's locally sourced food, made in house, farm to table , just the way we like it.

Mari:  The farm to table theme is obvious in the way they decorated the restaurant's interior. When you walk-in, you are greeted by the hostess standing behind a counter and a display of desserts, breads, giant meatballs, etc. The vaulted ceilings, walls, and marble table tops are all white. The wooden shelves, plants and wreaths accentuate the white giving the whole place a very nature-like vibe.


Temi: It has a similar ordering setup to Uneeda Burger. You order and pay at the counter and then your food is brought to your table. Mari got the Fish and Chips and I got the Gnocchi with a beef short rib ragu. We also got Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert.

Mari: Temi kept complaining of exhaustion, Mondays can do that to you, so she got a Salted Caramel Latte and I got hot chocolate to keep me warm. Their chocolate is made in house and I could taste a distinct nutty undertone to it. There was also something about their milk that gave the hot cocoa this light creaminess which calmed its rich chocolate flavor. 

Temi: Yeah, for my Nigerians, it reminded me of Ovaltine.

Mari: Yes,  that's a perfect depiction of it, a bougie version of Ovaltine! Speaking of overseas, the fish and chips reminded me of the ones in England. The fries were perfectly seasoned and the fish inside the batter was smooth like butter. The tartar sauce and ketchup were homemade, but only the latter was obvious because of its texture.

Temi: the Gnocchi reminded me of the Duck Ragu Rigatoni I had at Staple & Fancy. I probably picked it because I saw it was a meat Ragu. It did not disappoint. Although the Ragu was a bit too salty for my taste, the gnocchi added some balance.

Mari:  We dove into our cookies at the end.  The snickerdoodle was a little hard and more brittle than I like, but it was good considering we forgot to take pictures.

Temi:  Yep and we have no apologies. You could taste the nuttiness of the chocolate in the chocolate chip as well. Their distinct flavor carries over to all their items.

Mari: We did have some regrets, which was not ordering their pizza. Several pizzas were served while we were there and one glance had my mouthwatering.

Temi: Two days later I had to bring food for an event, and the first place that popped in my head was DERU. I ordered a few of their pizzas, which were a hit. I also had a chance to see the cakes that we were told about. They were huge! They reminded me of the chocolate cake in Matilda.

In Summary

Deru Market is a PNW neighborhood deli with locally sourced, made-in-house ingredients. Their natural atmosphere fits well with their farm to table theme. Their rotating dinner entrees are worth the visit and their pizzas and dessert are worth the return. Overall, we enjoyed our dinner and although Temi has already gone back to try the pizza, Mari wants to go back to get the pizza and cake.

Ambience: Upscale neighborhood deli

Wait time: 15 mins

Food: Deli style made in-house

Would we go back?  We've already been back

Halal Friendly?  Some dishes

TMA Moment

Check out those meatballs!

What are some of your favorite restaurants on the eastside? Any secret gems we should know about?