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Mari: After one failed attempt, we finally made it to Delancey. We arrived right when they opened and surprisingly weren't the first ones there. Our biggest twitter follower, @rolex_dex, was visiting Seattle at the time so we thought we'd treat him to dinner by taking him on one of our adventures.

Temi: Delancey does the fancy pizza place quite well. An open kitchen in one section exposes you to the flame baking your pizza and the other room provides seating with a wine library that makes you want to climb up the shelves and grab a bottle.


Mari: Although they had a 50/50 mix of vegetarian and meat pizzas, the meat pizzas were all limited to pork based meats. That’s not exactly halal friendly. I also wasn't interested in any of their vegetable toppings. As much as kale is good for you and the food fad of the year, it doesn’t belong on any pizza I eat. To avoid getting the cliché Margherita pizza, @rolex_dex and I decided to share the Brooklyn.

Temi:  I got the Bacon and Onion pizza. I could see the onions; the bacon and I, however, were playing an intense game of hide and seek. The bacon won. The pizza couldn’t hold up  the toppings it had. Sometimes, I eat the crust first, when I did this, the rest of the pizza drooped like a Bassett Hound in trouble. However, the crust was crisp, it crunched. I'll give them that.

Mari: When they brought the Brooklyn out, I was dismayed to see half of it had a charred crust. I'm a pizza crust snob. I love it either crisped to perfection or doughy with a good dip to go with it. This crust was crispy but too burnt for me to enjoy. The aged cheese was good, but nothing to write home about.


Temi:  Two pizzas, three people, two napkins. How do three people eating pizza get by with only two napkins? They don't. Why do I always have to beg for napkins?! This is the bane of my eating existence. I could go on, but I will leave the one napkin per person rant for another day.

Mari: Napkins aside, we weren't full or satisfied. So we gave the dessert menu a shot and chose the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ice cream. Although the ice cream tasted exactly like it's namesake cereal, the apple cake that accompanied it was much better. It was a perfect combination of spongy cake and apple pie filling. Despite his aversion to apple pie, even @rolex_dex fought with me over the last bite. In my opinion, Delancey has it all backwards if they think the apple cake is a side piece.

In Summary

We were disappointed with Delancey. After all we went through for pizza, (leaving the first time because of a too long wait, no reservations, coming right when it opened the second time) our high expectations fell short.  We wish our experience would've been better so that @rolex_dex (No. 1 TMA twitter follower) could have left Seattle with a life changing pizza experience. The décor was unique, but their pizza didn't hold its own. Their apple cake on the other hand, was life changing but they need to make it one of their main dessert options.

Ambience: High-end casual

Wait time:  20 mins

Food:  Meh

Would we go back? Not worth the trip

Halal Friendly? Not really, unless you like cheese kale and artichoke as your only toppings

TMA Moment:

Devouring the apple cake like vultures. 

Did Delancey live up to your pizza standards?  Do you have a favorite pizza place in Seattle?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and try your recommendations!