Cycle Dogs

TMA'ed while listening to Guillotine by Jon Bellion

Mari: If you had asked me to eat anything that was faux meat before I moved to Seattle, I would've refused wholeheartedly. I think i've had a change of heart recently because I am more willing to try vegan burgers, chicken etc.

Temi: I too started adulting recently, and eating my veggies. But vegetables with a side of meat is one thing, eating vegetables with a side of vegetables is another. When our friend Kim from Hello Kim Win suggested we try Cycle Dogs, I was skeptically optimistic. Kim is vegetarian so Cycle Dogs is her jam, but I trust her judgement so I arrived with an open mind and an empty stomach.

Mari: When Temi says vegan hot dogs she doesn’t just mean the frankfurters, everything from the bun to the cream cheese is vegan. I decided to go with the Eloté dog because I can't say no to anything that involves grilled corn especially on a nice day. Temi went for the classic Seattle Dog.

Temi: If they hadn't told me I wasn’t really eating a Seattle dog, I wouldn’t have known. Maybe a little texture difference in the cream cheese, but everything else was legit. I was particularly impressed by the frankfurter itself. A company called Field Roast produces out of grains and vegetables, but boy did they get that texture down pat.

Mari: So caveat, I'm not a huge hot dog fan. I had one bad hot dog experience a few months back where the texture was too rubbery and it turned me off. I think I'm back on the hot dog wagon or I guess cycle because the texture of these dogs were perfecto.

Temi: Man, nothing better than a sober Seattle dog in the middle of the day. Also, the lightly fried buttered (earth balanced) bun was the icing on the hot dog cake.

Mari:  Their vegan mayo was surprisingly good. Dare I say I liked it more than regular mayo? I didn't feel gross and unhealthy after eating it and boy did it go well with the grilled corn and the dog. Oh and the corn, the marvelous grilled corn is something I still dream about. It didn’t exactly stay put in the bun every time I took a bite, but that’s what forks are for.

Temi: Vegan mayo better than regular mayo? Damn. Thanks to Kim, I had my first vegan hot dog and came out more than okay while Mari proclaimed strong feelings towards vegan mayo. All in all, it was a good experience.

In Summary

We ventured to Cycle Dogs braced for the worst but hoping for the best and we were not disappointed.  Cycle Dogs is a bicycle cart so they move around to different locations. Since they are usually at various breweries, you end up eating your hot dogs in a super chill environment and hopefully outside if the weather is nice.  We were pleasantly surprised by their hot dogs,  and they are definitely on our short but growing list of must-try vegan places. You can find out their schedule on Instagram.

Ambience: Outdoor Patio (if its at Peddler Brewing Company)

Wait time:  5 mins

Food:  Vegan Hot Dogs

Would we go back? Yes

Halal Friendly?  Definitely

Price: that cheap cheap

Mari's Order: Elote Dog

Temi's Order: Seattle Dog

TMA Moment

Kim and Temi digging in!