Coyle's Bakeshop

The display of baked goods

TMA'ed while listening to Heatwave by Robin Schulz feat. Akon

Mari: When I saw Rachel Coyle's story, I knew we had to go asap. Despite graduating with an English major, she pursued her dreams by studying at the French culinary institute. Afterwards she had pop-up shops in Seattle and raised money on Kickstarter to get her permanent shop off the ground.

Temi: Pretty awesome stuff, which is why we woke up bright and early at 8am on a Sunday for some croissants. On arrival, the shop was already quite busy. I don’t think I've seen the world moving that early and the customers in the bakeshop seemed like they did it every day. That's dedication.

Mari: Coyle's bakeshop is known for its cretzel. It is a flaky, buttery pretzel shaped croissant that has a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. It is sprinkled with salt to give it a pretzel like flavor, and with their raspberry plum jam it was the perfect amount of salty and sweet.

Cretzel ham and gruyére croissant, hot cocoa and a latté

Temi: Mari went in on her cretzel, middle first. I thought that was weird.

Mari: Honestly, it was too early in the morning to be judged. It's not weird. It's logical to open it from the ends, like opening a bow.

Temi: I liked the cretzel. It had all the makings of a croissant but it was a bit more crunchy. The raspberry plum jam was my favorite thing. I could eat just the jam. I couldn’t really taste the plum, but the jam with the cretzel, heavenly!

Mari: While Temi was taking her sweet old time, I had finished my cretzel and moved on to the seasonal fruit croissant. It was a vanilla syrup cream cheese filled croissant with fresh nectarines on top. Now that fall is here and pumpkins are in season, it's easy to neglect nectarines. So glad Coyle's didn’t.

Temi: I also got a ham and gruyére croissant and a latte. When I get a coffee, I get a plain latté to deceive myself its healthy then I add two packs of sugar. This time I didn’t even need to add sugar to my latte! It was that good. They get their espresso from True North and it's delicious.

Seasonal croissant with nectarines

Seasonal croissant with nectarines

The Cretzel with raspberry plum jam

The Cretzel with raspberry plum jam

Mari: I need my chocolate the way Temi needs her caffeine in the morning, so I ordered a hot cocoa. They make their own chocolate syrup and it sure did hit the spot!

In Summary

While Rachel's story drew us in, the atmosphere and delicious baked goods will keep us coming back for more.  It is a great spot to start your day, read the paper, do some work, and enjoy several pastries.  Whatever you do, try the cretzel with some jam it makes it 10 times better. We would definitely make the long drive to Greenwood again, just not at 8 am.

Ambience: sit back, relax and people watch

Wait time:  0 mins (with no line)

Food: Flaky

Would we go back? Unquestionably

Halal Friendly? Oh yes, almost everything

TMA Moment

Devouring the cream filled croissant and not spilling was a real challenge for Mari.

Bite, Savor, Repeat

Bite, Savor, Repeat