Corvus and Co.

TMA'ed while listening to Closer by The Chainsmokers

Temi: Corvus and Co is tucked into a little corner at the end of Broadway in Capital Hill. On first glance, it gave us Adamms family vibes and I felt it looked more than a bar than a Mediterranean restaurant.

Mari: While the inside wasn’t necessarily dark, there was a lot of red and black décor as well as unusual paintings on the wall. There were all sorts of animals that would look ordinary in a place like Smiths but somehow looked mystical surrounded by the darkness. A juxtaposition to the menu featuring dishes from several Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. 

Temi: We ordered the paprika spiced latkes and pita and hummus to start. To quote a recent text conversation with Mari, the latkes were dope! The harissa aioli and coriander cream that accompanied the latkes were a perfect accompaniment. The harissa aioli provided a sweet kickwhile the coriander cream was a smooth balance to the paprika in the latkes. The latkes were definitely my favorite thing.

Mari: Move over hash browns, latkes are my new favorite staple. The pita was accompanied by an eggplant red pepper spread and a tehina hummus. The hummus was a little too basic, but the eggplant was exactly what I needed to get my taste buds poppin and prepared for what was to come. One thing is for sure, there is an imbalance between how many pita slices are usually served with hummus.

Temi: My idea is to just start a restaurant with unlimited pita. Warm triangles of bread that just keep flowing, and a variety of hummus's. That being said, I preferred the tehina hummus to the eggplant spread. The spread almost seemed too sweet for me.

Mari: For our mains, I ordered a chickpea dumpling shawarma and Temi ordered one of their specials; a lamb sausage shawarma. Both shawarmas came with a side of tabbouleh salad.

Temi: I've never had tabbouleh salad, but I loved it and it's definitely something I will try to make at home. Corvus & Co's salad had a lot of strong flavors going on, especially the mint. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like my senses were swimming in all the flavors and it made it a little bit hard to finish. I loved it, but I couldn’t have too much of it. Weird. The lamb sausage shawarma was good. There was nothing memorable about it, but it tasted good.

Mari:  I'm not one to usually judge a book by the cover, but I was kind of skeptical when they called falafels "chickpea dumplings." Turns out although they didn't look like traditional falafels, they tasted just like them. Remember that eggplant I mentioned earlier? Well, it was perfect by itself, but holy matrimony it was like a match made in heaven with the chickpea dumplings.

In Summary

While it definitely seems like Corvus and Co. advertise themselves as a bar based on their décor, atmosphere and extensive cocktail list, their food should definitely be in the limelight. Their flavors stand out and their appetizers give you a run for your money. We came starving and left with stomachs filled to the brim with lamb and chickpea dumpling shawarmas, latkes, eggplant spread and hummus. Our only hope is that next time we go ravenous so we have enough room for dessert.

Ambience: Dark & Mysterious

Wait time:  20 mins

Food:  Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean

Would we go back?  Definitely

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $$

What we ordered

Paprika spiced latkes with harissa aoili and coriander cream

Eggplant red pepper spread and tehina hummus with pita

Chickpea dumpling sharwarma with tabbouleh salad

Lamb sausage sharwarma with tabbouleh salad ( special) 


TMA Moment

Mari lost in the marriage between eggplant and chickpea dumplings.