TMA Mondays: Staying Strong


It's been two weeks of 2019 and I don't know about you but the newness of my resolutions is starting to wear off and I'm tempted to go back to my old 2018 ways.

Somethings you can't go back on though, like suddenly closing your restaurants and telling your all your employees the night before they no longer have jobs. I'm looking at you Blue C Sushi.

It's also hard to stay strong when Krispy Kreme comes out with 4 new chocolate donuts between 1/14-1/27. I mean how can you say no to the opportunity of eating an Oreo cookies and Kreme flavor?

Well if you are still staying strong, there are some good restaurant openings and events this week that could help you with your food related resolutions.


Our pick of the week

Chan, Pike Place - Temi was in town for basically Friday night, so we went out with our crew and indulged in some scrumptious Korean food gastropub style. Bulgogi sliders, bibimbap, deep fried rice cakes, and Korean fried chicken wings all finger licking good and perfect to eat as family style.

Avocado dipI've been trying to eat healthier snacks and this one  from Pinch Of Yum is easy, filling and hits the spot. A friend told me avocado is natures butter, fact.


New sh*t in town

Bisato, Pioneer Square - New year, new location, same restaurant. The Bisato that used to be in Belltown closed in 2012, is back with the same vibes, same favorite dishes and some new ones too.

Dacha Diner, Capitol Hill- Out with the old and in with the new. The hot pink building of The Saint is now painted black and serving eastern European  and Jewish dishes like latkes, pelmeni, borscht and more.

Bang Bang Kitchen, Othello - A bigger sister to the Bang Bang Café, the full restaurant and bar will serve the breakfast burrito the café is known for, but also dish out tacos, frito pie, sopapillas and vegan pazole.

Lucky Santo, Golden Gardens - Are you trying to be mindful of what you eat? Nothing like eating at a restaurant that has made its mission to make meals mindful of peoples restrictions. No matter what dietary restrictions you may have, there is something on this menu made with you in mind.


Seattle what’s happening

The food lover's cleanse with Sarah Dickerman, 1/15 - Healthy doesn't have to mean you have to give up your love for flavorful food, and Sarah Dickerman is offering a class to teach you the ways to live your best foodie life.

How to unlock the benefits of a plant based diet in 2019, 1/19 - If 2019 is the year you want more veggies in your life, then this event may be the first step in the right direction. Plus a portion of the ticket profits will help the work done by the Humane league.

Shellfest at Ray’s Cafe 1/8 - 1/27 - Some things are worth keeping every year, like Ray's shellfish festival celebrated all month long with a medley of seafood dishes on the line up.