Bucha Belly


I have never been much of kombucha drinker mostly because I like to invest most of my calories in food. I've had a taste of it here and there at farmers markets, and bought a random bottle at the grocery store. I appreciate its taste and I'm also aware of some of its benefits. When Bucha Belly approached us for a review, I thought, why not? I'm no kombucha expert but their sales model intrigued me and I was looking forward to trying their fresh kombucha! 

Bucha Belly is all about fresh, fresh, fresh. They explained to me that the Kombucha you find in the grocery store is brewed to have a 6 month shelf life. To accomplish this, the brewing process is altered scaling back some of the drink's health benefits. Bucha Belly avoids this by brewing all their Kombucha locally and delivering 7 16oz bottles directly to customers using the "milkman model". Basically, they provide a subscription to some freshly made bucha!  

I was delivered 7 bottles of their original flavor, a subtle lemon ginger. It was light, bubbly and quite sweet. I found the flavor very subtle and actually got undertones of peach over the lemon ginger.  

What about other flavors? Ryan the co-founder of Bucha Belly informed me I could use fruit to create new Kombucha flavors. So… I did! I mashed up some blueberries, added them to a bottle and let it sit overnight. Come morning I had a whole new bottle of Kombucha! My blueberry flavored Kombucha still had the sweetness and subtle flavor of the original but now with different berry undertones. I would say I preferred the added blueberry flavor.


Overall I think Bucha Belly is providing something pretty novel in the Seattle community plus there are lots of Kombucha lovers who would be interested in what they are offering. I love that that it is local, they deliver right to your door, and don't throw away bottles! I look forward to seeing what they do with their flavors and taste profile!  

If you would like to try the Bucha Belly subscription for yourself, use the discount code "tablemannersaside" at checkout. You will get 50% off of your first delivery! (bringing the cost down to $14.98 per subscription)