Jai Foods


Do you ever miss home cooked food or just freshly home cooked meals per your preference? I know I do, and it seems there are finally some local options.

Jai Foods is a catering company that provide a personalized menu of family style Indian and American comfort food dishes.

Sandeep is the founder and head cook of Jai foods. She started it a year ago naming the company after her 20 month old son because she wanted to provide a way for everyone to taste the India cooking that goes on in her home and know that Indian flavors go way beyond Chicken Tikka Masala. She is culinary trained in different cuisines, but will always prefer her mom's cooking and recipes.

When the founder reached out to have us review one of her dishes, we said yes. Mainly because her story behind the catering company was relatable and we know how important word of mouth is when you are new to the business.

Sandeep delivered a big family sized portion of her homemade chili with rice and a small piece of sugar cane to clear the palette.  Unlike traditional chili that is usually thicker, Sandeep's version is more soup like. She grew up eating it over rice or plain penne pasta.

I had it without rice the first night with a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese. Then the next night I tried it on top of rice and it was so filling.


The flavors were spicy and rich. I expected beans in the chili, but not huge kidney beans or chickpeas. Low-key sad this is the first time I've had chili with chickpeas, they made it 10 times better. But, I'm biased and love chickpeas like a fat kid loves cake. 

I wished it was slightly more spicy. That said, I didn't tell Sandeep my spice level preference so she probably played it safe.

The best part of eating this, was knowing it was all local and organic. I mean she soaked the beans over night to get them to the perfect size and texture.

To order your own personalized menu , email jaifoodsseattle@gmail.com or call 425.522.3041 (website coming soon).

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