TMA Mondays: Heated



So I have been pretty MIA lately, but I actually have a good excuse this time. I got married! Now that I don't spend a majority of my life wedding planning, my hope is to have our TMA Mondays actually come out Monday… starting next week.

If you are struggling in this heat with no AC like I am, escape to the many new airconditioned restaurants that just opened.

Or checkout the newly renovated Sky View Observatory Deck in the Colombia City Center, they even serve food on the 73rd floor now.


Our Pick of the Week

Seattle Pops, Wallingford - I recently tried Seattle Pops for the first time and drool. The flavors are refreshing and the option to get the pop dipped in theo chocolate makes it even better. It's dangerous that you can get it at many local grocery stores and the temptation to get one every day is strong especially in this heat. They also have a program that for every 10 pops you get a free one.

Cooling recipes - It's sad but the heat makes it hard to eat all of my favorite foods ( i.e. fried chicken, BBQ) every day and so I've been on the hunt for cooler less heavy options. Pickled Plum has 12 great recipe ideas.


New Sh*t in Town

Princi, South Lake Union - The first standalone bakery that recently opened inside the Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened today. The new location will showcase the baking craftsmanship on full display. If you haven't tried it yet, I'd highly recommend you check it out ASAP.

General Porpoise, Laurelhurt - Renee Erickson and her donut empire keep growing. General porpoise now has a fourth location in Laurelhurst.

Homer, Beacon Hill - Logan cox, former chef of Sitka & Spruce will be opening his new restaurant, Homer, in just a few weeks! His goal is to make it a neighborhood staple with affordable prices with a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern menu. There will also be window service soft serve icecream.

Birch, South Lake Union - Local is Birch's forte and the only way to order is Prix Fixe style or chef's choice tasting menus. There are two options a 3 course and a 7 course, the former is $50 and the latter is $70.

Flatstick Pub, South Lake Union - If you've driven down Westlake Avenue in the past few months you probably saw the vacant building across the Allen Institute with the Flatstic Pub logo. Well this past Saturday they opened their popular mini golf and serving Ethen Stowell Restaurant pizza and other pub grub.

Dandylion, Queen Anne -  One of the founders of Grappa is teaming up with his brother to bring Mediterranean tappas as well as a speak easy bar. They plan on sourcing everything locally and changing their menu seasonally.


Seattle, What's Happening?

The Home Shows, 8/8 - In the spirit of helping the homelessness in King County, Angela Stowell ( recent CEO of FareStart) drove this event to fruition. Over 80 local food establishments are joining forces with Pearl Jab to help raise funds  and shine a spotlight on the homeless problem. Pearl Jam will be performing for the first concert in 5 years in Seattle.

SeaFair Blue Angels BBQ Cruise, 8/5 - Its that time of year again, where the sky is filled with planes of all shapes and sizes. If you haven't found a good rooftop or place to watch the blue angels do their thing, checkout this BBQ cruise.

Magnolia Summerfest, 8/4 - If you live near Magnolia, there is summer festival happening this Saturday  with several food trucks, live music, arts and activities for kids.