TMA Mondays: Sharing is Caring


TMA'ed while listening to Immigrants ( we get the job done) - Hamilton Mixtape

If Trump ever learned one thing in his life, I wish it was the simple rule we all are taught as kids "Sharing is caring."

I know its optimistic of me, but maybe we wouldn't be the horrific country that locks up kids. I might be paraphrasing but what's happening is a nightmare and these poor kids are living it.

We are donating the below causes, if trump can't follow the rule at least we can.

Fundraiser for RAICES

Texas Civil Rights Project

Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

Let us know if you know of any that we should be giving to.

Even Boeing knows a thing or two about sharing. They are bringing a piece of PNW to Japan's airport by sharing some of the famous brands in shops inside of their new commercial complex called "Flight of Dreams." There will be Beecher's cheese, Frans Chocolates, Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Eltana and starbucks.


Our Pick of the Week

Ma'ono Fried Chicken, U Village - The fried chicken sandwiches served by Ma'ono's window inside  the Rachel's Ginger Beer at U Village is one of my favorites in Seattle. Coupled with a Rachel's Ginger beer, its one of the best meals.

Raspberry crumble bars - Now that Ramadan is over, I plan on spending my first weekend free making these bars I saw while fasting on Pinch of Yum's instagram or trying to convince Temi to make them for me ( hint hint Tems)


New Sh*t in Town

Good Day Doughnuts, White Center - It's a bit out of the way, but former chef from Vendemia is planning to sell $2 donuts with the promise that a donut is all you need to have a good day. He plans to also host occasional dinners on Thursdays with his other chef buds.

Lady Yum, Pioneer Square - If you love macroons, rejoice because there is another seattle location of Lady Yum opening soon. If you don't have a sweet tooth,  the new Lady Yum will also have tapa style savory bites. And if that doesn't do it for you, she's also looking to house craft brews.

Addo, Ballard - The incubator pop-up that’s been posted up at the Royal Drummer is permanently moving in. Addo has already started serving breakfast lunch and happy hour alongside the coffee served by Cloud City Coffee. Soon they will also serve brunch on weekends.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Molly Moon's Summer Seasonal Tasting, 6/21 - If you don't already have tickets, it's not too late to get some for tonight to try the new Summer menu at Molly moons.

M Bar Presents Let's Rock, 6/22 -  What's better than a rooftop party? A rooftop party with a sick view of Seattle summer sunset celebrating pride weekend.

Sweet tooth Pop-up, 6/23 - As the name suggests, the SLU Saturday market is going to have over 20 sweet booths to fill all your cookie, cake, donut, ice cream, crepe etc cravings.

Lady M pop-up, 6/23-6/24 - Lady M is back, this time at the Bravern in Bellevue for two days. If you've never had their Mille crepes, you must. Reserve yours now!